Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bungenstock-Landgren, The Arbors, 5/2/9

This weekend was all about color .....

Our Saturday delivery was to The Arbors in Alpharetta for the reception of Laura Bungenstock and David Landgren.

Laura and David had specific cakes in mind for their reception. The wedding cake was a pretty blue ... like a smokey, silvery blue ... bordered in white ribbon, with little white flowers falling from the top of each cake.

The groom is an avid Chess Player .... so a chessboard was very appropriate .. complete with the King and Queen pieces (made out of white chocolate).

They gave me an opportunity to see some familiar vendor faces .... DJ: John (Go with The Flow) ... Photographer: Brenda (Winn) Upton ... and Florist: Angie Gupta (Birch Blooms)

Laura should have been a model .. she's tall ... trim .. and looked beautiful in her gown.

Best wishes, Laura and David.

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