Saturday, March 17, 2012

WEDDING: Wood-Wimbs, Old Decatur Courthouse, 3/17/12

BRIDE AND GROOM:  Kim Wood and Chris Wimbs
VENUE:  Old Decatur Courthouse

I met with Kim and Chris about a month before their wedding, their cake design was different and chic ... flat finish with twigs and floral ... then about 10 days before the wedding, the design changed to resemble a birch tree with their initials carved within a heart.  Too cute.  They also went from a square cake (serving 100) to a round cake (which served 78 to better fit their expected headcount). 

The Groom was a Tennessee fan but lived here in Georgia, so we incorporated both on a licence plate cake. 

And check out the cute favor that everyone received ... license plate birdhouses ... made by the bride and groom. 

Photographer:  requested photo many times, no response.
Music:  not provided
Floral:  not provided
Caterer:  not provided
DOC:  not provided

Friday, March 16, 2012

WEDDING: Cantos-Suarez, Private Residence, 3/16/12

BRIDE and GROOM:  Valeria Cantos and Diego Suarez
VENUE: Private Residence

I was first contacted by Diego (the Groom) mid-February requesting my assistance in creating their wedding cake.  We met a couple of days later, tasted cake, and they were sold.  Back then, I was working out of Miami Circle with friend, Nancy, who happened to be a Chef.  They learned that we (Nancy and I) did a little catering, so ... they came back to taste our products and they were sold again and we ended up not only creating their wedding and groom cakes, but catered their entire event.

It was a long day and night ... but their friends and families are wonderful people .. and the bride and groom ... well, I love them both and can't wait to see them again on their first anniversary. 

Floral:   a friend
Photo:   a friend
Music:   a friend
Caterer:  Flour Creations
DOC:   none

Saturday, March 3, 2012

WEDDING: Amores-Santos, McGarity House, 3/3/12

BRIDE and GROOM: Rachel Amores and Steven Santos
VENUE: The McGarity House in Temple, GA

On Friday, March 2nd, Georgia had horrible weather ... tornadoes and up to 100 mph streamline winds. One of the hardest hit areas was Rockmart which is in the vacinity of Temple, Georgia. I started early Saturday morning calling the venue to make sure that there was no damage and that the wedding was still on .... although I could not get anyone to answer the phone, I figured that if something had changed, Rachel or Steven would have called me. So off we go to Temple, GA. What a pleasant surprise to find this gem in the middle of nowhere .. unscathed by the weather the previous evening ... and absolutely charming. Check out this incredible staircase. Both the grounds and the house are worth checking into if you don't mind traveling an hour west from Atlanta.

Rachel and Steven's cake was 4 tiers (bottom tier was faux), 4 different designs, and offset. Love using a different color on the cake .. and absolutely love their topper.

Congratulations to Rachel and Steven. Much happiness always.

Floral: Brides mom
Photo: never received
Music: American DJ
Caterer: Big Girls Events and Catering
DOC: Melita with The McGarity House

Friday, March 2, 2012

WEDDING: Clark - Gordon Biersch Brewery - 3/2/12

BRIDE AND GROOM:  Candi and Robert Clark
VENUE:  Gordon Biersch, Midtown

Erica and Ray (of famed 35 Atlanta Photography) hosted an intimate post-wedding reception at Gordon Biersch-Midtown for friends Candi and Robert.   I was so pleased they asked me to provide the cake. The color scheme for the night was blue, white, natural tones ... and beachy. LOVE how the cake turned out.