Monday, March 29, 2010


WOW .. what a busy week / weekend .... three weddings; two 80th birthdays; a baby shower, cakes for our Church revival; and a cake wrecklica for a birthday. Hope this coming week is easier !!! The 80th cakes will be filed in my "Just Plain Pretty" category; the wedding cakes will be filed with their wedding posts; the cake wrecklica will be filed under Kids Corner; the baby carriage cake will be under BABYCAKES. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

WEDDING: Williams-Stewart, Cafe 267, 3/28/10

This couple has really tested the meaning of "commitment" ... they have gone through so much before getting married ... that their marriage should be a breeze.

Nacirema Williams contacted me in August of 2008 .. we met in September of 2008. She was "sold" the night of her tasting appointment, but it was confirmed when she brought home the cake for Otis to try ... and he licked his plate clean !!! I've been holding a place on my calendar for her ever since.

Her original wedding date was March 29, 2009 but decided to postpone to October ... not a problem. Well, in July of 2009, Otis was in a severe accident and in need of much rehabilitation and many prayers. Shortly after the first of this year, I received an email stating that Otis was walking again and hopefully would be dancing on their big day .... March 28th, 2010 (almost a year from their original date).

Their wedding/reception was held at Cafe 267 in Tucker. I had never heard of this venue, but upon our arrival, I was pleasantly surprised at the inside decor.

Their cake: 1/2 red velvet; 1/2 vanilla filled w/ cream cheese. The top cake was real .. the middle and bottom were fake. Two 1/2 sheet cakes were baked and brought to the kitchen for cutting.

Although there is not one ounce of Asian in Naci ... she wanted to add an Asian flare to her cake. I call it: FIRE and ICE. The Fire and Ice symbols are handwritten on her middle tier. Loved how the cake turned out.

So it is with joy that I congratulate Nacirema Williams and Otis Stewart. You have proven to me that love withstands anything. I wish you many walks, many dances, and many happy years together.

Photo: Garrett O'Connor Photography (
Floral: Georgia Griffin
Caterer: Cafe 267
Music: Glass Dee Entertainment (Derrick Anderson)
DOC: Carla DuPont-Huger
Cake: Eileen Carter Creations : )

WEDDING: Crowley-Donner, Private Residence, 3/27/10

Sandie Crowley and Brandon Donner had a small church wedding and a fun backyard BBQ reception ... they were not even getting a cake. Sandie's grandmother and I go to the same church, she asked (last week) if I would have time to bake up something small ..... I delivered a two tiered cake to the church and trusted someone else to get it to the reception in one piece.

Congratulations, Sandie and Brandon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

WEDDING: Griffin-Ellison, Roswell River Landing, 3/27/10

Ashley Griffin and Carlos Ellison met with me around Thanksgiving of last year. A nice small gathering would be planned at Roswell River Landing (RRL).

When I saw Ashley this evening, she was bubbling with happiness. She looked stunning in her oyster colored wedding gown. Her cake was three tiers (fed 100) each tier was 1/2 red velvet and 1/2 vanilla cakes, filled with yummy cream cheese. A single dot design went on the top and bottom tiers; the middle tier was a little different with a scroll design and an "E" monogram.

Best wishes to you both.


Catering: Affairs by Deirdre
Floral: Georgia Griffin
Music: DeMaurio Starks
Photography: Samuel Johnson
Cake: Eileen Carter Creations : )

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Not too much going on this weekend, too some time to celebrate my birthday and get prepared for next week (wedding season ... full steam ahead !!! )

You'll find this cake in my BABYCAKES category .... this red velvet cake filled w/ cream cheese was created for a special little baby girl-to-be.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

WEDDING: Harris-Baldwin, VFW Post 4706, 3/6/10

I really enjoyed my time spent with this couple. Marguerite Harris and Donald Baldwin have great chemistry between them and such personality. They made me laugh often. I really wish I could have stayed at their wedding to witness the joining of this couple and watched as they gathered friends and family to celebrate.

When Clay and I arrived at the VFW, no one was there, nothing was set up ..... it was approaching 5:00 when I decided I had to make a phone call or two to the Coordinator, the person in charge of decorating, and the Caterer ... the only one who answered their phone was Cathy (the caterer) who was en route. As soon as she got there, she let me know where the cake was to be placed and I got to work. Clay offered to help her arrange the room (move tables/chairs) and get the reception set up. After I was done with the cake, I pitched in also. It sure was looking like a reception by the time we left.

Marguerite wanted a simple cake ... no design except for a red ribbon at the base of each layer. The topper was a glitzy "B".

The entire cake was made of white cake with alternating fillings of raspberry buttercream and Bailey's

I can't wait to hear from Marguerite and Donald and listen to the wonderful stories about their wedding and reception that I'm sure they will have lots of. Best wishes to you both.

Vendors: Family friends served as their vendors for the most part ...
Music: ?
Caterer: a friend, Cathy
Photographer: member of their church
Floral: ?
Cake: Eileen Carter Creations : )

Monday, March 1, 2010


March has finally arrived and the wedding season has officially begun. My blog has been very dormant, but believe me it will pick up very soon. I have one wedding this coming weekend, have two weeks off to rest up and get ready, and then I hit the floor (or kitchen) with roller skates on ! Hang on everybody .. it's going to be an awesome year !!!

Be sure to check in weekly to see what I've been up to.

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