Monday, November 7, 2011

UPDATING ..... Stay Tuned !

I can't believe how far behind I am .... so much for almost getting caught up. I have so much to share with you .... Stay tuned.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

WEDDING: Climo-Doyle, The Gardens at Great Oaks, 9/17/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Katie Climo and Joe Doyle
VENUE: The Gardens at Great Oaks, Roswell

Delivery #2 of the day:

I'm heading up 75 (because that is what the directions told me) ... and it wasn't until I got onto Cobb Parkway when I said to my husband (aka Mr. D.O.T), why am I heading to Marietta when I need to be in Roswell. He said: there are two Mimosa Boulevards .... one in Marietta; one in Roswell ...... so I turn around and fly like a mad woman. I was only 10 minutes late. Pat (the coordinator at Great Oaks) welcomed me and said "no worries .. I knew you would be here). Thanks Pat !!!

Joe named this cake "Papillon" (1973 Steve McQueen movie/butterfly tattoo/freedom). Katie was another bride who knew exactly what her cake would look like. A white flat finish adorned with the most beautiful silk butterflies. Thank you Katie (and Joe) for allowing me to create this cake for you. I can't wait to see the professional photos from Kara.

I didn't get to see Katie, but Joe came by to check out the cake .... I asked where his voice went ... he apparently had too much fun the night before and his voice was very hoarse. Clay went to find Reverend Deanna Lancaster .... it's always a pleasure to see her and I always get the best hug from her and after my day of delivering .. I really needed that hug.

She mentioned that she might cry during the ring ceremony ..... Joe wrote the following:

"The rings that Joe and Katie will place and present to each other today, in fact, were placed on the loving hands of Katie’s parents over 40 years ago on their wedding day. Katie’s father Dick passed away this past year, but his spirit & now his symbol of lasting love, will live on with Joe. Lou Ann can now pass her symbol of lasting love onto Katie, to remind her that her marriage may not always be perfect, but your love for each other is."

I've got tears in my eyes ... don't know how Rev. D made it through this ring ceremony !!! She did get a little misty during the scripture readings, however. There is a lot of love around this couple.

Congratulations, Katie and Joe !!! See you next year.

Music: Fonix Entertainment (Travis Gilbert)
Photo: Solais (Kara Hudson) - professional photographs were requested 9/17/11
Floral: Blossoms (Monique)
Caterer: Coast 2 Coast

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Bailey's Buttercream
8" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
10" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" - FAKE

WEDDING: Cook-Piede, The Georgian Terrace Hotel, 9/17/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Amanda Cook and Tony Piede
VENUE: The Georgian Terrace Hotel

I had been so looking forward to this weekend. I had two cakes to create ... two very different designs ... both gorgeous.

Our first delivery resulted in my adding one more question to the final details email that I send out to my brides: What room is your reception in?

It was good to be back at the Georgian Terrace .. hadn't been there in years. When we arrived at the loading dock, I asked security which room the Cook wedding was in ... he said: The Grand Ballroom. We even got a personal escort. When we got everything ready to set up the cake, I looked around the room and something didn't feel right .... Amanda's colors were Navy and Ivory ... the sashes on the chairs were ivory, but I didn't notice the Navy details .. so I went up to the room coordinator and asked, is this the correct room for the Cook wedding? He said "Yes", so Becky and I began constructing the cake. We were almost done when a gentleman (guest) asked "is this the Miller wedding?" I said "No, it's the Cook wedding" He said "well, the sign outside says Miller". PANICK ..... I went back to the room coordinator and asked again: "Is this the Cook wedding?" He said, "I already told you once ..." I said "well check again, because that guy over there said it was the Miller wedding". He looked and what do you know .,. he was incorrect, I had the cake set up in the WRONG ROOM. Luckily, this was a 3 tier cake and Becky grabbed the cake and walked it down to the right room. I followed with all of our supplies/boxes and the room was a perfect match to the cake. Lots of Navy. The cake looked gorgeous in it's right place.

Back to the truck to deliver cake #2 .....

I met with Amanda back in May ... she definitely knew what her cake would look like. Three tiers, the second higher than the top and bottom ... an ivory exterior, navy blue beads (which were navy sixlets ... chocolate candies), navy blue and ivory floral. I am quite pleased at how this cake turned out. Definitely a statement cake.

Congratulations to Amanda and Tony. See you on your 1st Anniversary !!!

Music: Kurth Scobie
Photo: Andy McBride (professional photographs were requested 9/17/11
Floral: Perfect Petals
Caterer: Georgian Terrace

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Carrot cake filled w/ Cream Cheese
8" - FAKE
10" - Carrot cake filled w/ Cream Cheese

Saturday, August 27, 2011

WEDDING: Charles-McPhail, Agnes Scott College, 8/27/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Linnet Charles and Brendan McPhail
VENUE: Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott College ... what a beautiful campus ! While Becky and I were working on the cakes, Clay was out walking the campus. He fell in love with it.

The cake tasting was a family affair ... the bride, Linnet, her brother, her mom, her dad, and the groom, Brendan. In the middle of our tasting, Dad got up, walked right into my kitchen, opened cabinets looking for glasses, and brought out water for everyone (something I should have done). I fell in love with Linnet's mom and dad right away. In fact, when I got the word that they were choosing me to create the cakes, dad said that it was because he knew I would make them with love.

So, when I returned to pick up the plateau at the end of their night, I went looking for both mom and dad and got the biggest hugs from both. I love my job.

Linnet's cake was hexagon in shape with an all-over swirl design. Julie Coffin (florist) left me a bunch of gorgeous floral so that I could create a full cascade. I think it came out great and can't wait to see the pro shots.

Brendan's cake had to be huge and had to be the continent of Australia (not excluding Tasmania).

Linnet and Brendan now make their home in Australia, but I hope to see them in a year or so for their first anniversary. Best wishes to you both.

Music: Sharoon Farhat
Photo: professional photographs were requested 8/27/11Add ImageFloral: Julie Coffin - Unique Floral Expressions
Caterer: Mirch Masala
DOC: My Bride Idea

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Chocolate Buttercream
9" - White cake filled w/ Strawberries n' Cream
12" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Chocolate Buttercream
15" - White cake filled w/ Strawberries n' Cream

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
Chocolate cake filled w/ Raspberry

Saturday, August 20, 2011

WEDDING: Wood-Chisnell, Nori Nori, 8/20/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Nora Wood and Dave Chisnell
VENUE: Nori Nori, Sandy Springs

Our third and final delivery of the day brought us to a Japanese restaurant in Sandy Springs called Nori Nori. It smelled heavenly.

I met both Nora and Dave a little less than a month before their wedding. Nora knew exactly what she wanted her cake to look like. Clean lines, flat finish, bead border. That is exactly what she got. A touch of floral on the top and you have an elegant cake.

Best wishes, Nora and Dave. See you on your 1st Anniversary !

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Marble cake filled w/ Hazelnut
8" - Marble cake filled w/ Hazelnut
10" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Bailey's

WEDDING: Dong-Langan, Ventanas, 8/20/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Lisa Dong and Eric Langan
VENUE: Ventanas

Our second delivery of the day, but my first trip to Ventanas. WOW! What a view and what a venue. It's lofty, edgy, gorgeous.

Lisa had been on my books since November 2010. Her cake is a prime example of how to take a simple design and pump it up with floral and feathers. There are few florists that I allow to place floral on my cakes .... Heather Oliver is one and I absolutely love her/her work. It came out awesome and I can't wait to share the professional photos with you as my photo doesn't do it justice.

The groom cake was a surprise to Eric and was kept out of sight and in the kitchen until it was time for the cake cutting ceremony ... Chicago Bears football and Maker's Mark .... it was a hit !!

Officiant: Rev. Deanna Lancaster
Music: Complete Music - Rich Moran
Photo: professional photographs were requested 8/21/11Add ImageFloral: Stylish Stems - Heather Oliver
Caterer: Bold American
DOC: EllyB Events - Eliana Baucicault

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Carrot cake filled w/ Cream Cheese
8" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
10" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" - FAKE

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream

WEDDING: Iles-Owens, Old Georgian Hotel, 8/20/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Jennifer Iles and Matthew Owens
VENUE: The Old Georgian Hotel, Athens

Jenny met with me about a month before her wedding ... I had two weddings already scheduled for her date, but with her early delivery request, I could fit her in.

So, off to Athens we go to deliver our first of three weddings .... this lovely 4-tier beauty had that old fashioned icing technique that is so popular ... always makes for an elegant look. The floral (provided by Always Always Floral in Athens) really added to this cake.

The groom cake ... well what can you say about chocolate and chocolate with chocolate covered strawberries ... 'nuff said. Look close for the Bride (gown) and Groom (tuxedo) strawberries. Too cute!

Photo: Bill Dunston, Athens ( ... Thanks for the quick turnaroundAdd ImageFloral: Always Always Floral, Athens

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Almond filled w/ Raspberry
8" - FAKE
10" - Almond filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
12" - Almond filled w/ Cherry

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Chocolate filled w/ Chocolate Buttercream
10" - Chocolate filled w/ Chocolate Buttercream

Saturday, August 13, 2011

WEDDING: Chatham-Perry, Ambient Studios, 8/13/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Caron Chatham and Adam Perry
VENUE: Ambient Studios

Ambient studios ... Billed as the largest photographer's studio in Atlanta, it's interior is full of natural light (great for photos), hardwood floors, and its open atmosphere is perfect for wedding ceremonies/receptions. It's the exterior that I had issues with .... I (my knee) found the largest pothole. OUCH ! I fell so hard that a lady driving by who saw me fall actually stopped her car and got out to see if I was ok !!! Just call me Grace ..... : )

Caron is the sister of one of my February 2009 brides, Emily. They may favor each other in looks, but their styles are very different. This has to be one of my favorite cakes of the year ... absolutely LOVED how the wedding cake came out. Notice how the second tier is a couple of inches higher than the others. Really sets it off. LOVED that it was placed in an elevator shaft with filtered light pouring all over it.

Adam had quite a challenge for me. He wanted a chocolate chip cookie as his groom cake, but he also wanted it to have the shape of a skateboard, and he also wanted Marvel comic characters, and make the wheels from Krispy Kreme donuts. I chuckled as he bowed to me .. he was THRILLED at how the groom cake/cookie came out ... so was I.

Congratulations, Caron and Adam ...... see you on your 1st Anniversary !

Music: Sunset (DJ)
Photo: The Long Farewell (professional photographs were requested 8/16/11)Add ImageFloral: Divine Affairs
Caterer: Ashley Clemence

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
8" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
10" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
Chocolate Chip Cookie with Krispy Kreme donuts

Saturday, August 6, 2011

WEDDING: Ferguson-Marshall, Biltmore Hotel, 8/6/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Dalton Ferguson and John Marshall
VENUE: The Biltmore Hotel, Georgian Ballroom

Whether it's the Imperial or the Georgian Ballroom, The Biltmore Hotel is a premier venue for your event.

Oh, my aching wrist and forearm .... This 5-tier beauty had handmade royal icing roses on every other tier. I have no idea how many I created for this cake, but can tell you that there are 162 on the top tier alone. How many for the whole cake? Your guess is as good as mine !

It poured buckets in Atlanta this day. Becky, my assistant, was soaked by the time she finished bringing in the cakes. It was all worth it however ... the cake came out great and stood tall. Loved the alternating Roses and wide spaced dot design on this cake. No floral required.

The groom was a major fan of the Atlanta falcons (there seems to be lots of them (fans) as my clients) .

Enjoyed seeing two of my favorite Atlanta chefs ... Drew and Jason of Endive Catering who explained to us all the separate stations that the guests would enjoy.

Music: Any Occasion DJ (Mark Schwartz)
Photo: Lori Shutt - professional photographs were requested 8/7 Add ImageFloral: Blossoms (Monique)
Caterer: Endive

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - Almond cake filled w/ Almond Buttercream
12" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
14" - Almond cake filled w/ Almond Buttercream

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
Vanilla cake filled w/ Vanilla buttercream

Sunday, July 31, 2011

WEDDING: Steenblik-Whang, Primrose Cottage, 7/31/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Lillian Steenblik and Sung Whang
VENUE: Primrose Cottage

It's always a pleasure to bring a cake to Primrose Cottage in Roswell.

One of the most colorful weddings I've seen this year. This bride even went so far as to hand create origami cranes and place them on toothpicks for the dozen or so cupcakes. If you look close at the cake photo, you'll see strings of origami birds hanging in the window ... it was gorgeous. She did a great job. Two wedding ceremonies took place; the first was Korean, the second American. Lily dressed in authentic Korean clothing and when I spoke with both of them Sung remarked how silly he felt in the hat he was wearing. The American ceremony was more traditional (gown/tux). The cake colors were offwhite, and hues of blue to green (think peacock feather) ... A thousand royal icing buds were made and placed on the cake and I've saved some for their first anniversary cake.

Photo: Holly Jones PhotographyAdd ImageFloral:

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Banana Cream
8" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
10" - Vanilla cake filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries AND Blueberry (1/2 and 1/2)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

WEDDING: LoPresti-Drepaul, Country Club of the South, 7/23/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Anna LoPresti and Adrian Drepaul
VENUE: Country Club of the South

Love bringing cakes to the Country Club of the South. It's close to home and a beautiful venue.

There are two metal choices when accenting your cake table ... silver and gold. Sometimes gold can look a bit "tacky", but in this case, this bride did the gold correctly and it looked terrific. The monogram was gold, ribbon = gold, cake plateau = gold. Very different, very unique. Good job.

An all-0ver swirl design with a gold ribbon at the base of each tier made this 5-tier beauty stand out. Accent with red floral and you've got a pretty cake.

VENDORS: I never received the list of vendors, but did learn the name of the photographer and have requested a link to the photo's when ready. I have not heard from her yet, but as soon as I receive the photo will post the pro shot for all to see.
Music: Unknown
Photo: professional photographs were requested 7/23Add ImageFloral: Unknown
Caterer: assuming Country Club of the South

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Coconut cake filled w/ Raspberry
8" - Coconut cake filled w/ Raspberry
10" - Coconut cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" - FAKE
14" - Coconut cake filled w/ Raspberry

Friday, July 15, 2011

WEDDING: Theobald-Parker, Summerhour Studio, 7/15/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Corine Theobald and Adam Parker
VENUE: Summerhour Studio

I met Corine and Adam back in March ... when I asked them who their photographers were, they told me it was Ray and Erica of 35 Atlanta ..... we chit chatted a bit more and that is when I learned that Adam was the Adam/Amber Photography Team of 35 Atlanta!! How cool is that !!!

We needed a tall cake (but not all the cake a tall cake makes). So a 5-tier was created with an uneven texture, bordered in royal blue and black ribbon. A multi-loop bow was the perfect touch along with a little floral here and there.

Adam spotted me as I was leaving with the cake plateau (at the end of their night) and gave me a huge hug and thanked me ..... that meant alot.

Best wishes Corine and Adam .... see you on your 1st anniversary .. and Adam, I'm sure I'll run into you in the near future at fine wedding venues everywhere.

Music: (Band) Moxie
Photo: 35 Atlanta (Ray/Erica) - professional photographs were requested 7/16/11
Floral: Viridis Designs (Alison Carlson)
Caterer: Proof of the Pudding

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
8" - FAKE
10" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" - White cake filled w/ Bailey's Buttercream
14" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Chocolate Mousse

Saturday, July 9, 2011

WEDDING: Potts-Weinziehl, Rhodes Hall, 7/9/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Meagan Potts and Peter Weinziehl
VENUE: Rhodes Hall

It was so nice to be back at Rhodes Hall ... such character this venue has. I love the dark wood and the stained glass. They could use some help with fingerprints on the mirrors, but it always makes for a fantastic venue.

It was an overcast, rainy day ... but the rain stopped long enough for Meagan and Peter to say their vows on the front lawn. Meagan was a stunning bride and I wish I could have seen Peter's face when he got a look at her !!!

Here's an example of having the look of a 4-tier cake, but not all the cake a 4-tier provides. The third layer was fake. Classic single dot and ribbon design, beautiful floral on the top.

Thanks to Lauren Routhier Photography for providing the great cake shot !!!

Wishing Meagan and Peter endless years of happiness.

Music: Nick Crowder, Atlanta DJs
Photo: Loren Routhier Photography ( ImageFloral: Joanne Webster
Caterer: Affairs to Remember

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Almond cake filled w/ Bailey's Buttercream
8" - Almond cake filled w/ Bailey's Buttercream
10" - FAKE
12" - Almond cake filled w/ Cream Cheese

WEDDING: Taylor-Lewis, Le Fais do-do, 7/9/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Jessica Taylor and Kevin Lewis
VENUE: Le Fais do-do

I had never heard of this venue before and was anxious to see it, so when we arrived I took a little extra time to check it out. It has great potential. An 8,000 Sq. foot blank palette for you to come in and decorate as needed. It's huge and you can hold both your ceremony and reception in one place.

I'm so looking forward to receiving the pro shot of this cake. The top tier was based on the wedding gown detail, and the shot of purple (ribbon) with a gorgeous brooch just added to its magnificence. I had issues with the table that the cake was on .. not sure where it came from, but it was crooked ... the feet were planted on the floor, it wabbled at the top where the top of the table meets the stem of the table and there was nothing I could do to fix it. Every time we went near the table, the table slanted ... making the cake look slanted. I wish I could have put a fence around it to guard it from folks coming up to touch (and slant) the table, but I couldn't.

I didn't meet Kevin until his wedding day, but met Jessica a couple of times. She was a hands-on bride .... provided the music, floral, she even made her cake plateau out of a styrofoam round for height, a piece of glass, and beautiful material. She looked stunning on her wedding day. Check out their get-away car that was parked outside.

Wishing Jessica and Kevin a lifetime of happiness.

Music: Provided by the Bride
Photo: will provide contact info when/if I receive the professional photo's.Add ImageFloral: Provided by the Bride
Caterer: Le Fais do-do

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
4" - Red Velvet cake filled with Amaretto and Cream Cheese (3 layer cakes)
8" - Red Velvet cake filled w/ Amaretto and Cream Cheese (3 layer cake)
12" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Strong Coffee Buttercream (2 layer)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

WEDDING: Lauinger-Mayk, Little Gardens, 7/3/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Tressa Lauinger and Richard Mayk
VENUE: Little Gardens, Lawrenceville

I met Tressa in 1990. She was 5 years old. I've seen the best of Tressa through school, acne, boyfriends, frizzy hair, and super gluing her foot to the floor (yes, it's true). Then one day, she met Rich and we knew this was a special relationship. On July 3rd, I had the honor of creating her wedding cake.

Tressa chose a 4-tier cake with a simple dot design, bordered in black ribbon with lavender floral on top along with an "M" monogram.

Rich is an avid "A" class tennis player ... so an ALTA tennis court was in order for his groom cake.

I wish Tressa and Rich much love and happiness for a lifetime.

Music: DJ Tod Peavy
Photo: Shannon Wright Photography, professional photographs were requested 7/4/11Add ImageFloral: Pam Holly
Caterer: Little Gardens
Officiant: Rev. Deanna Lancaster

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
10" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
12" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
9x13" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Bailey's

Friday, July 1, 2011


NOTE: This post will be re-posted each month to make it easier to find.

The best (and preferred) way to reach us is by email: If you need to call, we can be reached at 770-242-0734. Please don't hesitate to leave a message. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

For Wedding and/or Groom cake requests, please provide the following information:
- Event Date
- Wedding Ceremony Start Time
- Wedding Ceremony Location
- Will you be having a cocktail hour? If so, what time is it scheduled to begin?
- Reception Start Time
- Reception Location

For all other requests, please provide the following information:
- Event Date / Time
- Theme: Bridal or Baby shower, Birthday, Party Favors, etc.
- How many do you need to feed?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

WEDDING: Hall-Brown, The Loft at Castleberry Hill, 6/25

BRIDE and GROOM: Yashica Hall and Jason Brown
VENUE: The Loft at Castleberry Hill

I met Yashica and Jason about a year before their big day. Both Yashica and Jason are very tall and standing next to them at 5' 1" I am very short.

Festivities began Friday night with the rehearsal dinner at The Loft. Nine dozen cupcakes (Strawberry, Lemon, White, and Carrot) were prepared for that event.

The wedding cake turned out great. Navy ribbon on alternating layers ... with bows and brooch's (a nice trend) ... Navy dots on the other layers. Yashica was very pleased.

Jason's cake was all about chocolate ... chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream frosted with chocolate fudge and adorned with chocolate covered tuxedo strawberries ..... YUM! He hugged my neck (he's like a large teddy bear) and said "thanks for making our day so special". That means an awful lot to me.

This was my first visit to The Loft ..... everyone was so nice. A special shout out to Alecia (Security guard) for watching the truck during deliveries both Friday and Saturday. Only wish she could have stopped the parking police from giving me that ticket !!! : (

Music: Glass Dee Entertainment (Derrick Anderson)
Photo: professional photographs were requested 6/26/11Add ImageFloral: Julie Coffin (Unique Floral)
Caterer: The Loft at Castleberry Hill
Coordinator: True Elegance (Nicole Alexander)

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
12" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
6/10" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Chocolate Buttercream