Monday, May 4, 2009

Jackson-Mickens, Biltmore Hotel, 5/3/9

My "PICK OF THE WEEKEND" ..................

This wedding and reception could (should) be one for a magazine ..... when you take the incredible floral arrangements from Heather Oliver at Stylish Stems ( ... Curly Willow, Green Bells of Ireland and plum hydrangea in tall vases ... add soft green linens ... Endive catering .... candles ... a 6 tier cake ... a chocolate fountain .... and put it all in the beautiful Georgian ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel ... you've got one picturesque wedding reception. I'm sure all details were captured by the very talented Art Pinney ... be sure to check out his blog.

The event was the marriage and reception of Jia Jackson and Charles Mickens - Sunday, May 3rd at the Biltmore Hotel. The wedding was held in the Imperial Ballroom and the reception in the Georgian Ballroom.

It took me two hours to construct and decorate the cake .... I affectionately called it my Barney cake because of the color ... but when it was completely decorated .. oh my gosh, what a pretty cake. It was on a stage, on a round table, I used my 22" square plateau (which is huge) ... and began constructing .... a 16" x 6" fake cake anchored the bottom ... then came the 14 x 4" fake cake .... next was a 12 x 6" vanilla cake filled w/ Grand Marnier ... then came a 10 x 4" Almond cake filled w/ Baileys ... next the 8 x 6" carrot cake filled w/ cream cheese ... topped with a 6 x 4" red velvet cake filled w/ cream cheese ... plus a "M" Monogram .... Yes, it was 6 tiers and yes, I needed my ladder !!! and .... the cake was also spotlighted with a very soft light .. I can only imagine what it looked like when it got dark and the cake "glowed".

Jia wanted to make a statement with it and so it did !!! This has to be one of the prettiest cakes for the year ... Art Pinney's artistry really shines. Thank you, Art.

Thanks Jia for giving me this opportunity to create your vision .....


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