Sunday, November 23, 2008

Carter Turns One !!!!

Carter Thomas Williams is truly a blessing to his mom and dad. This is part of my job that I just love ... I get to see and meet the children of my brides/grooms. Carter's mom is responsible for the infamous "Jody Lynn" (cake design) ... and my blog.

I created a huge cupcake for the main cake ... decorated in lime green, white, and two shades of blue .... then did a larger than usual single cupcake for Carter to smash ... and from this picture he did a great job and enjoyed himself. He's so cute.

Carter is beginning to walk (or run). It was great to hold his tiny hand as we walked all around. Thanks for giving me the chance to meet your little boy.
Happy Birthday, Carter ................ see you next year !!!


Kendall-Kyle, Four Seasons, 11/23/8

The long dark curly locks of Cassandra Kendall will be stunning in her portraits (taken by EJ of Blue World Studios). She looked gorgeous.

It was a small affair .... (less than 80) .... but those who attended were treated to elegance. The Four Seasons in Atlanta (14th Street) is a class act. Carla Duncan was the florist ... huge tall vases filled with white calla lillies ... and EJ and Janet of Blue World caught all the goings on, I'm sure.

The top of their cake was different ...... a pile of dark chocolate truffles ..... Yummy !!!

Cassandra and Peter had many hurdles to jump over prior to their wedding, but they are stronger as individuals and as a pair ... they certainly will belong to each other for a lifetime.

Photo by Blue World Studios ...... : )

Saturday, November 22, 2008

McGrew-O'Connor, Lambert Place, 11/22/8

Shortly before Ellen and Jeff's tasting appointment, I had arrived home from Costco with my weekly 50 pound bag of confectioners sugar. I had left the back gate of my truck open, and had gone into the house. When they arrived, Jeff noticed my gate open ... and offered to bring in that 50 pound package. I didn't have to ask, he offered. Very nice.

When Clay and I arrived at Lambert Place to set up the cake, it didn't look like a sole was around ... Ally Haggerty (their DOC) was at the church, there were no cars, no outside lights ... but when I opened the door and heard the band practicing .. I knew I was in the right place. This was my first "performance" at Lambert Place. It's an odd-shaped venue inside ... kind of an "L" shape. A long rectangular area for tables, with the dance floor off to the right.

Ellen's colors were dark brown and I think green .... the 4-tier cake was bordered in dark brown ribbon and I placed gorgeous green dendrobium orchids (large and small) on the top.

Ellen and Jeff O'Connor .. two very sweet people who definately belong with each other.

Photos by Kristi Odom (

Sherman-McKloskey, Park Tavern, 11/22/8

We had to wait a few minutes while the photographer took pictures of the Groom and his men at the entrance of Park Tavern ... the photographer told Nick (the groom) to step forward and had the groomsmen just look toward Nick ... well, this got all the guys making all sorts of comments about Nick's bald spot .... it was very funny and should be a cute picture. When the picture was taken, the boys moved aside so that Clay and I could start bringing in the cake ... Nick greeted me with a hug and I told him that "God only made few perfect heads .. the rest he put hair on." He wholeheartedly agreed.

Wendy and Nick came to see me a couple of times. I had to convince Wendy that I could design in "color" ... using colored icing .... I can't blame her, she had a point .... 99% of my cakes are done in white with white designs. I truly feel that when Wendy saw her cake ... finished ... it was at that point, she was convinced. As I've said before, I can't pick favorites (cakes), but this one was my pick of the weekend ..... I loved the color, and the design. Thanks Julie Coffin of Unique Floral Expressions for that incredible topper.

Photos by King & Spivey (courtesy of Wendy McKloskey) ... Thanks, Wendy.

Poole 50th Wedding Anniversary - 11/22/8

Have you ever been to Sterling on the Lakes ? It's off 985 (exit 12) ... and the subdivision is gorgeous .. homes and townhomes. They have a gorgeous Clubhouse ... and it was the site of Mr & Mrs. Poole's 50th Wedding Anniversary !!!

Amy Pearce (daughter) came to see me a couple of weeks ago .... she wanted a huge wedding cake to serve 100 ..... and that's what she got. The top three cakes were white cake filled with lemon (yum) .. the bottom cake was fake.

It's not often I get to create anniversary cakes for marriages that have lasted a lifetime ..... Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Poole.

Photo by me.

Desormeaux-Bryan, The Peachtree Club, 11/22/8

Sara and Michael Bryan were referred to me by one of my April '08 brides, Heather Geib-Gammon. Thank you, Heather.

This was my first "performance" at The Peachtree Club. It's on the 28th floor of 999 Peachtree Street. It has a gorgeous view of the city, leather seats, and dark wood. The cake table set up was quite different. It (the cake) has to be on a high table covered with linen and placed directly underneath a chandelier. Sara had originally requested a 5-tier cake, but after their final venue meeting, decided to drop one tier as they thought the cake wouldn't fit. They were right and I'm glad we went to a 4-tier. Their cake topper was meant to be placed to the side of the cake, and it's a good thing as it wouldn't have fit on the top (because of the chandelier).
Their wedding cake had a different element .... a rounded top. Would have been a "piece of cake" .. no punn intended ... to have used rolled fondant to cover this cake ... but we all know how much I dislike fondant. I worked and worked with my buttercream at smoothing the rounded edge (it wasn't easy), and finally was satisfied with it.
The Groom cake is called "Tuxberry" .... it was a 2-tier chocolate cake filled w/ sliced strawberries. Frosted in fudge icing and adorned with chocolate covered TUXEDO strawberries. I love how the tuxedo berries came out.

Professional photo's provided by the bride (Thank you, Sara).

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here are a few cakes for all of the Star War fans out there ..... Back in September, Karibeth's son, Faxon, celebrated his 6th birthday in Star Wars style. There was even a magician who dressed like a dessert trooper and he also brought along an animated R2D2 and CP3O .. he was really cool. The cake was really cool too. It's all edible (except for the arms).

In November, I got to create a Darth Vader cake for another Star Wars themed birthday party. I thought it came out great.

Will CP3O be next ???? Gosh, I hope not. Well, it wasn't CP3O, but it was a Clone Trooper (not to be confused with a Storm Trooper). It's good guy vs. bad guy; and the Clone Trooper has a blue stripe down the front of his mask. Got the chance to create the Clone Trooper back in December.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Keen-Bennett, Silverbell Pavillion, 11/8/8

Back to back weddings at Silverbell .. last weekend and this weekend. Julie Keen and Clay Bennett ..... I'm doing so many "different" cakes this year ... Their wedding cake was unique in shape. Loved how it came out ... so clean/elegant. The entire reception was done in black and white ..... gorgeous.

I had never met a man who openly admitted that he was a fan of "GI JOE" .... until I met Clay. So naturally, I had to create a GI Joe groom cake ... but not your normal GI Joe .. it was a futuristic GI Joe. The entire cake was carrot ... and will be filed under "lessons learned". Don't sculpt using Carrot cake ... huge waste of a good cake (had to cut away lots), and it doesn't cut clean (probably because of the pineapple). This was my one and only attempt at a futuristic GI Joe. It will never be done again (by me).

Photo's courtesy of Blue World Studios (EJ and Janet).

On my way out, I ran into their DOC (Ally Haggerty) who was good enough to lead me to a balcony overlooking the courtyard of the Emory Conference Center where I got to see and listen to a portion of Julie and Clay's wedding ..... Julie looked gorgeous. Thanks, Ally.

UPDATE: I've been blogged by EJ of Blue World Studios .... Here's the link:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Garner - Georgia Football 11/7/8

Deb Garner's son is a major UGA fan. Deb contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I had time to create a Georgia cake that would be used at her son's wedding rehearsal dinner. I sent her a couple of my Georgia designs and she settled on this one. I hope to receive a photo of her son with the cake, but until then ..... enjoy this photo.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Worsdell-Dickerson, Park Tavern, 11/2

Today. I gladly slept an extra hour .... After church, and final wedding prep, we headed to Park Tavern for the reception of April Worsdell and James Dickerson. Their cake was only 3 tiers, but each was 6 inches in height .. put it on a hightop table, with a thick plateau, and you've got one big cake. I drew the floral stems, and then placed fresh Orange dahlia's and purple lisianthus on top of each stem. It's a stunning cake. The groom, who's nickname is Dickie, requested the Dickie's logo (without the "S") for his groom cake.

Photos courtesy of RaeJen Photography ( Aren't these photo's awesome. This was my first experience with this photographer, and had heard very good comments about them. Well, I'm here to tell you that they exceeded my expectations. I had a very difficult time choosing a shot for my portfolio and the blog ... so I requested a bunch of online images to share with you. Will update as soon as I receive them.
This day was bitter sweet for me ..... while I set up my cakes, I remove my wedding ring set and give them to Clay to hold. Well, when we got home I asked for my rings, he reached into his pocket and pulled out my wedding band, then he reached into his pocket again, and a look of panic came across his face ... my engagement ring was gone. I've been to Park Tavern a couple of times since Sunday ... walking the path Clay took to the car ... no luck. So, someday should you find yourself at Park Tavern, look down and hopefully you'll find my ring for me. I will always remember this wedding, as it is the day I lost my engagement ring. (sad).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

McGee-Jones, Wimbish House, 11/1

November 1, 3:30p - Our first wedding delivery of the day was to The Wimbish House for the reception of Natalie McGee and Michael Jones. When I met with Natalie back in July she fell in love with this design (called "Jody Lynn"). Natalie was not having a huge wedding, but wanted a huge cake. So the bottom two layers are fake. The top three layers were white cake filled with Bailey's (yum). No cake flowers needed ... the design stands on its own. Michael's groom cake (Marble cake filled with Cookies n' cream) took 3 hours to design. He is a Tech grad and wanted the GT Seal for the design on his cake. I think it came out pretty good.

Photo courtesy of me .... will update with professional photo upon receipt.

Brettner-Karably, Silverbell Pavillion, 11/1/8

4:45p Off to the Emory Conference Center, Silverbell Pavillion, for the reception of Stacy Brettner and Ben Karably. Ben is an Atlanta Police Officer and after learning that I drive like a crazy woman while delivering my cakes, gave me a "get out of jail" card .. his business card ... just in case I get stopped speeding while delivering cakes in Atlanta. I am happy to report that I have NOT had the opportunity to use it ... yet (ha ha ha). Stacy and Ben wanted a different shaped cake (which is just fine with me .. I love "different" cakes). I got a chance to use my "petal" pans for this three-tiered cake iced white with an eggplant ribbon at the base and a very delicate swirl right above the ribbon. Carla Duncan (On Occasions of Atlanta) provided the beautiful orange/purple floral.

Wow !!! What a difference a professional photo makes. Thanks Liz Yeakle Photography (

William Turns One !!!

November started out with a 1st birthday cake for William (son of Ed/Donna Culler ... a 2005 bridal couple of mine). I created a two-tiered cake frosted white with yellow and aqua dots ... bordered in dark chocolate fudge (YUM). The smash cake was a cute little monkey face. William was more interested in eating the cake, than smashing it.
Photo courtesy of Donna Culler. Thanks.