Friday, October 31, 2008


Karibeth goes over and above for all of her parties ..... I'm so excited to have this blog to share her use of my cupcakes/cakes as centerpieces for her creative events. This particular event was a children's Halloween party .... I created a large spider web cake and two dozen spiderweb cupcakes.
Photo courtesy of Mark (Karibeth's husband).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Afshani-Skurski, Biltmore Hotel, 10/26/8

After arriving home from delivering a spider web cake and cupcakes (watch for a "Happy Halloween" post to appear) ..... we headed to the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta for the wedding of Victoria Afshani and James Skurski. Victoria's cake was designed using details from her wedding dress. Two pearl strands, a single line drop, roses and bows. I'm anxious to receive the professional shot of this cake from Shari Zellers. Victoria got married on what would have been her grandparents 69th wedding anniversary. I love it when brides honor the memory of those who have passed. I baked an extra cake and positioned the 69 year old figurine that Victoria had received from her grandmother.

Photo courtesy of me .... will update with professional photo upon receipt.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sutton-Monette, Chateau Elan, 10/25/8

We left Frogtown Cellars and an hour or so later we arrived at Chateau Elan for the wedding of Rachel Sutton and Neil Monette. They chose a classic cake design for their event (my Jody Lynn design). I also got to meet a photographer whom I've heard alot about, and receive many referrals from, but had never met. Janet from Blue World Studios. I'm sure to be working closely with her/them next year.

Photo courtesy of Blue World Studios (

Rawls-Woodward, Frogtown Cellars, 10/25/8

... off to Dahlonega for the wedding of Amy and Eric Woodward. About 1 1/2 hours later we arrive at Frogtown Cellars ... a fairly new vineyard which doubles as a event facility for weddings, etc. It has a gorgeous view of the North Georgia mountains. Their wedding pictures should be beautiful. Clear blue sky - fall foliage - mountains. I really can't say that a certain cake is my favorite .. but this one ranks way up there. It was so different. I also got a chance to meet a photographer that I've heard about but had never shot one of my cakes ... well, this weekend, Shari Zellers got to shoot two of my cakes. This one, and one on Sunday.

Photo courtesy of me .... will update with professional photo upon receipt.

Yarbrough-Hachat, Private Residence, 10/25/8

Our first stop was to a private residence in Lawrenceville ..... Jessica called me about 6 months ago and I told her I was booked for her date/time. She wanted me to do her cake anyway, and agreed to have an early arrival. So, at 12:00 we arrived with her cake. It was set up and decorated in the basement and two strong guys were going to carry it out to the back yard (reception) 6 hours later. Later, I emailed Jessica to find out how it went .... no worries. It transported just fine and the Carrot layers were eaten quickly. (yum)

Photo courtesy of a Florida vendor ... Beach Bum Photography (

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nye-Davis, Chattahoochee CC, 10/18/8

We headed to Gainesville to the Chattahoochee Country Club ... it's gorgeous. I had been to this venue before ... it's in a cove on Lake Lanier ... last year, the cove was full of muck ... this year it had a little water in it .. but certainly not up to the appropriate water levels. Lindsey and Drew Davis are an adorable couple. I met with them about 1 1/2 years ago and finally their wedding day had arrived. She loved my "stick" cake ... but also liked the looks of a square/round cake ..... so I created this for her and adorned it with fall leaves, chocolate roses, and yellow button mums. Drew is a major Georgia fan ..... the Georgia "G" cake was perfect for him.

Photo courtesy of the new Mrs. Davis ..... from Robertson Studios. Thanks, Lindsey (and Drew).

Beijing 2008, 10/18/8

I got home from a morning delivery just in time for Sandy Scroggins to pick up her "groom cake". She had a former bride of mine creating cupcakes for the reception ... but wanted something special for the groom cake. Her husband Ron Lykin, was the head coach for the US Womens Paralympic Basketball Team who took gold in Beijing !!!!! Sandy said the cake exceeded her expectations .....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Frissell-Wallace, Swan Coach House, 10/11/8

The Swan House was the site of the wedding ceremony of Serena Frissell and Ricky Wallace, while the reception was held at the Coach House. This one was different ..... Serena's colors were Royal Blue and White ... her gown had royal blue accents, her maids were in Royal Blue, the decor was royal blue and white, and so was her cake. I iced the top of her cakes in royal blue and left everything else white ... so different, yet adds a splash of color. It was a small affair, but when I went back later to pick up the plateau, the "joint was jumpin".

My photo (on the left) wasn't too bad, so I've left it on here .... have also attached the pro shot (on the right) from Brian Steele Photography (

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vowels-Daly, Wimbish House, 10/4/8

Clay and I drove to The Wimbish House (Atlanta Women's Club) ... Rachelle had a specific design in mind for her cake when she met with me last year. Fans of rose buds. I created it in her colors .. white and champagne. Ryan (the Groom) loves his dog .. Bogey .. a black lab who wears a red collar and loves tennis balls. This was my first (and probably only) attempt using rolled fondant. I baked four 9x13 cakes, stacked them on top of each other, lightly frosted them and cooled them in the fridge for a day or so .... then I took it from the fridge and started sculpting the dog's head. I re-frosted the cake and back in the fridge it went. Now it's time to apply the rolled fondant. It was a learning experience, but the end result came out pretty good. I hope he was pleased.
Photo courtesy of me .... will update with professional photo upon receipt.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Atlanta Weddings must have really liked the spotlight wedding of Whitney Allsopp and Kevin Jackson previously published in their Fall 2008 edition, as they reprinted the article (and my cake) in their Winter 2008 edition. So, check out page 94.