Friday, July 31, 2009

Risque Boudoir by 519 Photography ,,, Redefining Inappropriate

In 20 days, my friend Meredith Wullkotte, will begin a new chapter in her professional life. Meredith has been in the wedding industry for many years ... she's done (and still does) Day of Coordination (; she's always had a great eye for photography (didn't shoot weddings, but certainly family, child, pregnancy, etc ( and now she's about to embark on an incredible journey ... boudoir photography !!!!

I've seen her work and it's absolutely beautiful. It's not nudity .. it's not trashy .. it's incredibly appropriate. I'm behind her 100%, in fact, I will be not only a vendor at her event (supplying sweet treats), but also a client. This talent of hers ... makes a perfect wedding gift from a bride to her groom; an anniversary gift (which is what I'm doing it for); or if you just want to celebrate the woman that you are .... young or not so young ..... you will never feel so beautiful.

No, I will NOT post my b-pics .... but Meredith will crop one shot of me specifically to post on my blog.

Risque Boudoir by 519 Photography will be introduced during a by invitation only launch party on Thursday, August 20th. If you are or know of someone who is a professional in the wedding, beauty, and/or fashion industry who could help spread the word about Risque and would like to be included in this invitation only event, please contact: and mention this blog post.

If you would like to become a client of Risque ..... GO FOR IT !!!!! I am !!!

Congratulations and best wishes to you Meredith .... go and redefine inappropriate !!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hill--Hairston, Private Residence, 7/18/9

Something this bride did, that I would not suggest all brides do, is call me about 8 days before your reception to request a cake !!!! In this case, it worked out, but due to my delivery schedule, she had to take an early delivery.
Dina Hill married Capt. Hairston (an airline pilot) in Hawaii .... the party for family and friends was held at their residence in Mableton. Dina was not at home when I arrived, but left her dad in charge .... what a great time I had speaking with her dad !!! He was so very funny and made my busy day start off great !
Dina requested my "Mayan" cake design .... I used silk floral to decorate with along with the curly willow. The top and bottom layers were edible .. the middle was fake.
Off to delivery #2 .....

Hogsett-Albury, Lawrenceville Historic Courthouse, 7/18/9

Clay and I arrive back home from Mableton (delivery #1) in time to load cakes and head to the Old Historic Courthouse in Lawrenceville. Clay really got his work out. If you've ever been to downtown Lawrenceville, parking is hard to come by ... we lucked out and got a spot close to the front of the building. The Cake Wrangler traveled up and down two flights of stairs for each cake .... and there were 5 cakes. He was huffin' and puffin' by the time he was finished.

Antoinette Hogsett came to me with a cake design from a Martha Stewart magazine ..... her colors were alternating peridot (which was a mossy/grayish green) and white. The border was a little different than my norm .... and a little tedious ... it was the bead border, but rather than an all white border, it was 3 beads of green and one bead of white ... all around, each layer.

I've heard that there were a few mishaps with this wedding (low attendance / original photographer (a friend of the couple) backed out and another one was called at 9:30 that morning to fill in) ... but it sure was a picture perfect day for a wedding.

Speaking of photographers ..... THANKS to Derek Wintermute for the quick turnaround of photos ... LOVE this shot .. so crisp and clean. Derek can be contacted thru his website: ... go check him out.
off to delivery #3 .....


As Clay and I were leaving the Historic Courthouse in Lawrenceville, we looked across the courtyard and look at what we saw ... your eyes aren't fooling you ... it's the BATMOBILE !!!!! Just had to take a picture .. how often do you get to see something like this !!! Too cool.

Dutton-Richardson, The Carl House, 7/18/9

Our third and final delivery of the day .... we had about 30 mins before we needed to head to Auburn. We quickly changed out of "cake delivery" clothes and into "wedding" attire as Clay and I were also guests at this wedding (and yes, I actually ate some cake).

Ashley Dutton is the daughter of friends/neighbors Bruce and Denise and Ashley's marriage to Jeff Richardson was a great excuse to get the "old" neighbors (those who are literally older now and who have left the neighborhood) back together again. We took over two tables and had a great time.

Ashley was escorted down the aisle by her dad and her brother, David. Her sister Katie served as Maid of Honor.

The wedding was great .. food was delicious ... bar was open ... and the cake ... not too shabby. (smile)

Speaking of the cake ..... the middle layer was fake, but the rest was white filled with almond buttercream. Bordered in black with a single dot design. The groom cake ... chocolate filled w/ chocolate mousse.

Alea Moore photographed this one ..... and it was great to put a face with the name (this is the 4th cake she's photographed of mine). Will post pro pics as soon as I get them (6-8 weeks).

Congratulations, Ashley and Jeff !!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lee-White, Big Canoe, 7/11/9

Our Saturday deliveries began with an enjoyable ride to Big Canoe. Michelle Lee and Corey White married in the Chapel and their reception was held at The Chimney's at Big Canoe.

I was told that Michelle and her mom did most, if not all, of the decorating ... and the attention to detail was amazing. Their monogram was created in moss-covered foam and hung over the fireplace; a side view of a canoe, made out of wood, with their name and wedding date burned into it was the guest book. Too cute. The florist took a bunch of detail shots (and I think I'm going to start doing that myself) .. I'll see if she'll send them to me and will post. If anything, it will provide a few ideas, I'm sure.

Michelle loved a cake design that I had done a few years back (2006) --- flat finish, brown ribbon border, white floral with fiddlehead ferns (love those). She used my square wooden plateau to showcase her cake (which her mom will be bringing back to me this week). Her wedding cake served 100 (the bottom layer was fake) .... an extra cake (1/2 sheet cake) was in the kitchen and used for extra servings.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding ... blue skies, not to hot/humid.

Alea Moore is the photographer (this is the 3rd cake she's shot of mine) ... I'll post the pro shot as soon as I get it.

Best wishes, Michelle and Corey !!!

Bonawitz-Luke, The Wimbish House, 7/11/9

Clay's great with wrangling cakes, but he doesn't have a delicate touch in regards to placing floral on a cake ... and I had a lot of floral to place and needed a delicate touch ... a woman's touch. So Liz was available and willing to help. Thanks, Liz. We gave "The Cake Wrangler" the rest of the afternoon off and we girls headed to The Wimbish House.

Emily Bonawitz and Joseph Luke IV met with me back in November ... she was very specific as to what her cake would look like. She pulled out a Martha Stewart cake photo from her files. A Four tier cake, green ribbon, and as much hydrangea as possible stuffed between each layer.
Sometimes, after I'm done constructing a cake and step back to look at it ... I get overwhelmed with its beauty ... this was certainly one of those cakes. It was stunning !!! This is one of those cake designs that would look great in any color .... can you picture blue or maroon ribbon/hydrangea !!! I think I did a pretty good job at replicating the design and I hope Emily was happy with it.
I can't wait to see the pro shot !!! This is my first time working with this photographer, so, as soon as I receive pics from Laura Stone (, I'll post !!!
Thanks, Emily for giving me some great vendors to work with ..... Day of Coordination - Ally Haggerty, Unforgettable Soirees; Caterer - Affairs to Remember; Floral - Tamela Scarborough, Southern Bouquets.
Best wishes, Emily and Joseph.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


My week of cakes got started early with the creation of Elmo's face for a little kids 1st birthday celebration.
Darryl ordered this baby shower cake (for one of my 2007 brides).
Caycee's husband turned the BIG 30 !!! He loves CSU (Colorado State) so when she saw this Ram cake on my College Bound post, she just had to have me make one up. I didn't take a picture of the final cake, but Caycee promised to send me one.