Sunday, May 31, 2009

Worthington-Imhoff, Claxton Farms, NC, 5/30/9

Wendy Worthington and Barry Imhoff ..... what a great couple. They were originally getting married here in Atlanta, but changed their venue to Claxton Farms in North Carolina. So Clay and I hit the road around noon on Saturday and headed straight to the Farm. The cakes travelled beautifully.

Nestled in a lush green valley is a 900 acre farm ..... so peaceful, so pretty ... cows, goats, llamas, miniature horses were all around. The Tobacco Barn was the site of the reception ... the wedding ceremony was held in the field. After the ceremony, shoes came off and many were out in the field playing soccer .. including Wendy. This was the coolest, laid back, wedding I've ever attended.

Wendy's cake design was "The Mayan II" ... a mix of square and round cakes ... decorated with curly willow and floral ... each layer was a different flavor

Barry's cake was the Nittany Lion (Penn State).

Thanks to Ray/Erica of 35 Atlanta for these fab cake shots.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Maalouf-Sabatino, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, 5/24/9


Oh my gosh, what a beautiful venue the Atlanta Botanical Gardens makes. Joyce Maalouf and Joseph Sabatino's reception was held in the Day Building. Add Proof of the Pudding ... Carla Duncan of On Occasions of Atlanta and you've got one great event.

Liz and I created "The Mayan" cake design for Joyce. I had some great curly willow with me and as Liz picked the best, I placed the willow on the cake. Then green and purple orchids were placed here and there. It came out great.

Thanks to Ray and Erica (35 Atlanta) for providing this awesome shot of the wedding cake. The groom cake (the Atlanta Brewing Company logo) photo was taken by a Joyce's friend. The cake was prepared for use during the rehearsal dinner.

After we finished setting up the cake, we toured the Gardens. Liz had never been, so I took delight in showing her around.

Cain-Rehkop, Roswell River Landing, 5/24/9

While Clay was spending time with his daughter Megan .. I had to call in the calvary for some delivery help. So, Liz and I started our deliveries for the day at the Roswell River Landing .. the site of Amanda Cain and Ryan Rehkop's reception.

Amanda had requested one of my favorite cakes .... "All Dressed Up" ... a flat finish with a unique triple fold ribbon detail. Her choice of ribbon color was tiffany blue. Picture it paired with bright yellow Sunflowers. Gorgeous.

Unfortunately, we all will need to wait to see the cake photos ... something happened to my camera and I don't have a shot of the cake to show you. Sorry.

UPDATE: Pro pics have arrived from Aimee Wheeler ..... unfortunately, she didn't take a shot of the groom cake up close, but perhaps Amanda has a shot of it from a guest. I'll ask and post it later.

Will post pictures from Aimee Wheeler upon receipt.

I went back later that evening to pick up my plateau ... I saw Amanda dancing with her now husband, Ryan ... they looked great together.

Congrats, Amanda and Ryan.

Riera-Dawson, Park Tavern, 5/23/9

My second delivery of the weekend ....

One of the highest compliments I can receive is to find out that all of my cake was eaten !!! Well, I just received an email from Johanna and Kacey's wedding coordinator (Nicole Jones of Nicole Jones Events) that every bit was gone !!! (SMILE)

Johanna Riera and Kacey Dawson met with me in January. During our meeting, I learned that they live in the subdivision right behind me .. how cool is that ... neighbors !!!

Their reception was held in the Piedmont Room at Park Tavern. The color of scarlett (or cranberry) popped in the centerpieces and on the cake. Four tiers, Round, bordered in cranberry ribbon with a different dot design on each layer. When I placed the gerbera daisies (provided by Carla Duncan of On Occasions of Atlanta) on top of the cake ... they were a perfect color match with the ribbon. The cake looked great.

I was looking forward to seeing their Day of Coordinator ... Nicole Craven-Jones ..... as she is one of my past brides, but it turned out that I didn't have to return later that night to pick up my plateau .. Carla Duncan offered to bring it to me ... so I missed seeing her, but hopefully will get the chance to see her again at another wedding.

Unfortunately I can't show you this cake either ... (problem w/ camera) ... but I have already requested cake shots from the photographer (Robert Adams) and will post upon receipt.

Brohm-Garay, The Signature Room, 5/23/9

My first delivery of the weekend ... Leah Brohm and Christian Garay held their reception at The Signature Room in Dunwoody. This venue is different as it's located in an office park.

Ally Haggerty ( brought this couple to me late last year ... we had a great time at the Tasting and they "twisted my arm" to make me purchase a new pan !!! A Stadium pan. In fact, when the pan arrived I sent an email simply stating that "my new stadium pan has arrived" .... and got a huge LOL response from Leah.

Leah's wedding cake was a 4-tier Petal cake .... (Petal being the shape of the pans) ... bordered in silver ribbon with a wide-spaced single dot design. Beautiful pink roses and petals (provided by Heather Kocevar - Stems) finished the cake. She had a variety of cake flavors: From top to bottom ... Almond filled w/ Baileys; Lemon filled w/ Raspberry buttercream; Vanilla filled w/ Grand Marnier; and Almond filled w/ Baileys

Christian's groom cake (chocolate filled with Cookies n' cream) was a soccer stadium (my new pan) on top of a 1/2 sheet cake (12x18").

Something happened with my camera and am unable to show you the photo's .... but I am sure Shannon Wright ( will provide fast turnaround on the photo's, as usual. I'll post as soon as I receive them.
UPDATE: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stadium shot from Shannon ..... and the wedding cake is not too shabby either. Thank you for making me/my work look so good.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Megan A. Carter, Class of 2009 !!!!

Clay and I are thrilled to announce that Megan, Clay's daughter, graduated May 23rd from Marietta High School and she did so with Honors. We are so proud of her.
Isn't she pretty? She is a good combination of both of her parents. She certainly got Clay's height and eyes.
Megan plans to attend Valdosta State University in August/September.

I missed Meg's graduation and subsequent party (cake deliveries), but her dad was there .. and that's all that matters.


Other cakes this past week ....

..... and if I wasn't busy enough with three wedding cakes and two groom cakes to do ..... I managed to get out a few more. These will stay here on the blog for a little while, then will get moved / added to older posts.

The Clemson cake was used for a Rehearsal dinner (not for one of my brides).

Cupcakes: I created cupcakes that looked like popcorn, but forgot to take a photo of them, but did get a shot of the cute lady bugs cupcakes done for Karibeth. I also created a huge cupcake for a neighbor's grand-daughter .. done in primary colors.

Delores (our pianist at Church) needed this Cinderella cake for her niece's birthday.

Meredith Wulkotte's daughter Raleigh turned 2 this past weekend and all of her girl friends were going to wear tu tu's ... I created this cupcake tree with a tutu at the bottom and a smaller one on the top. The colors were a pretty pink, green, and brown. I'm sure Meredith will send me a better shot of the cupcake tree. Meredith is well known in the wedding industry as a great wedding coordinator (A Remembered Detail) and portrait and boudoir photographer (519 Photography).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Turner-Amos, The Metropolitan Club, 5/16/9

Brittany Turner and Slate Amos held their reception at The Metropolitan Club in Alpharetta. Their wedding cake design is one of my most requested ... my Jodi Lynn design. Always looks elegant. It was topped with the biggest roses I have ever seen or worked with ... they were huge. I should have taken a pic of the centerpieces .... they were gorgeous / very different ... the florist was: Andy Beach and Associates.

Slate is a graduate of the University of Mississippi ... and rumor has it he played football with Eli Manning (how cool is that) !!! Well, an Ole Miss groom cake was definately in order.

Photo's compliments of Art Pinney (

Congratulations, Brittany and Slate !!!!

Hilburn-Styles, Houston Mill House, 5/16/9


There was a little snag as we arrived at Houston Mill House ... the event that was booked prior to this, hadn't left the premises yet ... thus causing a delay in cake set up, pre-ceremony pictures, set up in general. The previous party finally left and after determining that the wedding ceremony will in fact be held outside (it was an on-off rainy day) ... set up got underway.

I wish I had the chance to see Millie Hilburn and Kevin Styles on their special day, but after setting up the cake, I had to head to my next delivery.

The wedding cake was very different ... oval in shape .... and resembled Millie's dress .... large stripes of icing on the bottom, moving to narrower stripes on the top. Blue hydrangea decorated the top, each layer, and all around the bottom. All layers were white cake filled with Lemon filling (yum).

Now, the Groom's cake was my absolute favorite .... a larger than life Starbucks Mug. I loved how it came out. It was a three layer chocolate cake filled with Bailey's ... iced in white with the starbuck's logo .... complete with cream (which was more baileys buttercream) ... notice the heart carved in the cream. Too cute.

Photos courtesy of Mike Moon Studio (

Congratulations, Millie and Kevin.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hussey-Vensel Wedding, Park Tavern, 5/15/9

We had to wait until the ceremony was over before we could bring in the cake. Christine Hussey and Joshua Vensel married in the Piedmont Room of Park Tavern and didn't want their guests to see the cake until the reception.

While we waited, I got a chance to chat with the DJ (Chris Meeks) and some of my favorite servers at Park Tavern. Everything was going well, the ceremony had begun, then we heard that someone had fainted. I think it was one of her bridemaids, but I'm not sure ... so after a little delay, the ceremony finished and the tranformation from ceremony to reception began.

I had quite an audience as I constructed the cake ... hearing comments like "I had no idea they were put together on site ... thought they (cakes) arrived all put together" to "I just love watching that cake show". I was even asked it was ok if they watched as I constructed .... as some of you know, I worked for Publix for a couple of years (in the bakery, of course) and got used to people watching as I decorated cakes ... I also taught for a couple of years. So, having someone watch me work is not a problem.

Christine wanted a simple, yet elegant look for her cake .... bordered in platinum/silver ribbon, and my signature flat finish, we let the cake floral decorate the cake. I got a chance to see both Christine and Joshua ..... they looked terrific and very happy. Art Pinney ( was the photographer for this event and got an awesome shots of the cake ... he put a light behind the cake !!!

Best wishes to you both, Christine and Joshua ... see you next year for your anniversary.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dykes-Crum, The Carl House, 5/9/9

Our third and final delivery of the day .....

Clay and I met Kim and Michael a couple of years ago while on a bowling league ... Michael is a darn good bowler, but on a rare occasion I was the better bowler.

I remember one bowling night in partcular .. Kim was absent .. I made a bet with Mike. For every strike I got, the cost of the cake went up $50; for every strike Mike got, the cost of the cake went down $50. He had to go home that evening to let Kim know that their cake cost $300 more !!!! (smile). I really didn't raise the price of the cake, but it was so sweet to see him sweat !!!

Kim Dykes and Michael Crum had their wedding and reception at The Carl House. Their cake was Marble filled with Bailey's (yum). Four tiers ... with columns separating the top two tiers. A spring moss ribbon bordered each cake covered in swirls. It came out pretty.

The groom cake was a "sophisticated Georgia G". All chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, complete with chocolate covered strawberries.

Much happiness Kim and Michael !!!


Coleman-Lapres, Magnolia Hall, 5/9/9


Our second delivery of the day was to Magnolia Hall .... believe me when I say that no one gets into this venue earlier than 2 hours prior to the event .... Clay and I were first to arrive ... then Chef Jason (Endive) arrived with his crew ... then Emily (the coordinator) ... then, the woman with the key !!!

Shannon Coleman and Rory Lapres married at the Botanical Gardens then had their reception at Magnolia Hall. Shannon came to me with a specific design in mind for her cake. Something she saw in a magazine. The magazine cake was round .... she wanted square ... the design made a stunning cake. I left at 5:00p and unfortunately couldn't wait for the florist to arrive ... so I have no idea what the cake looked like with floral ... but I understand it was gorgeous, so I'm real anxious to see the photo's from Shannon Wright (
Photo's have arrived .. and are spectacular !!! Thanks, Shannon.

The groom is a huge Auburn fan .. and plays golf ..... cake red velvet cake filled w/ cream cheese was made to look like a golf bag, complete with Auburn golf balls and tees.

I got to see Shannon in her gown (wait 'til you see pics) later that night when I returned to pick up the plateau and got a big hug .. I even got one from Rory who made a point to find me to thank me for his cake. Too cool!!!

Much happiness to you both !!!

Galucki-Hoade, Old Decatur Courthouse, 5/9/9

My first of three deliveries of the day went to the Old Decatur Courthouse ... Have you ever seen it? It's right in front of you at the end of Clairmont Road (where it intersects with Ponce de Leon). A beautiful old building full of architectural design and white marble. It's not a very friendly vendor venue (tough for your vendors to unload), but still beautiful. The reception room is up on the second floor .... tall tall ceilings (and a piano to serve as the cake table).

I was on a very tight schedule ... so when we arrived I was very surprised to not see the first sign of any reception ... no tables set up, no chairs, no caterer, no floral, no nothing ..... I did see family members (thank goodness) ... they were supposed to have met up with the planner (who worked for the catering company) at noon. One family member grabbed a table and set up it for us to use as a place to place the boxes of cake in the interim (he was so sweet ... and unfortunately I didn't get his name, but will forever be grateful for his kindness). Well, the planner eventually showed and everything was put in motion.

Lauren Galucki and Dallas Hoade are friends of one of my 2008 couples (Thanks, Kara and Worth). Their wedding cake was my only round cake of the weekend and 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate filled with raspberry. A subtle swirl design at the base of each cake and clumps of hydrangea decorated their cake.

The groom cake (carrot filled w/ cream cheese) was the New Orleans Saints logo.

Happiness to you both !!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jackson-Mickens, Biltmore Hotel, 5/3/9

My "PICK OF THE WEEKEND" ..................

This wedding and reception could (should) be one for a magazine ..... when you take the incredible floral arrangements from Heather Oliver at Stylish Stems ( ... Curly Willow, Green Bells of Ireland and plum hydrangea in tall vases ... add soft green linens ... Endive catering .... candles ... a 6 tier cake ... a chocolate fountain .... and put it all in the beautiful Georgian ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel ... you've got one picturesque wedding reception. I'm sure all details were captured by the very talented Art Pinney ... be sure to check out his blog.

The event was the marriage and reception of Jia Jackson and Charles Mickens - Sunday, May 3rd at the Biltmore Hotel. The wedding was held in the Imperial Ballroom and the reception in the Georgian Ballroom.

It took me two hours to construct and decorate the cake .... I affectionately called it my Barney cake because of the color ... but when it was completely decorated .. oh my gosh, what a pretty cake. It was on a stage, on a round table, I used my 22" square plateau (which is huge) ... and began constructing .... a 16" x 6" fake cake anchored the bottom ... then came the 14 x 4" fake cake .... next was a 12 x 6" vanilla cake filled w/ Grand Marnier ... then came a 10 x 4" Almond cake filled w/ Baileys ... next the 8 x 6" carrot cake filled w/ cream cheese ... topped with a 6 x 4" red velvet cake filled w/ cream cheese ... plus a "M" Monogram .... Yes, it was 6 tiers and yes, I needed my ladder !!! and .... the cake was also spotlighted with a very soft light .. I can only imagine what it looked like when it got dark and the cake "glowed".

Jia wanted to make a statement with it and so it did !!! This has to be one of the prettiest cakes for the year ... Art Pinney's artistry really shines. Thank you, Art.

Thanks Jia for giving me this opportunity to create your vision .....


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bungenstock-Landgren, The Arbors, 5/2/9

This weekend was all about color .....

Our Saturday delivery was to The Arbors in Alpharetta for the reception of Laura Bungenstock and David Landgren.

Laura and David had specific cakes in mind for their reception. The wedding cake was a pretty blue ... like a smokey, silvery blue ... bordered in white ribbon, with little white flowers falling from the top of each cake.

The groom is an avid Chess Player .... so a chessboard was very appropriate .. complete with the King and Queen pieces (made out of white chocolate).

They gave me an opportunity to see some familiar vendor faces .... DJ: John (Go with The Flow) ... Photographer: Brenda (Winn) Upton ... and Florist: Angie Gupta (Birch Blooms)

Laura should have been a model .. she's tall ... trim .. and looked beautiful in her gown.

Best wishes, Laura and David.