Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roginski-Reid, Park Tavern, 4/25/9

I met this bride (and bride's mom) a little over a year ago ... while setting up a cake in Cobb County.

My "Molly" cake design (it's very popular) was chosen for Katie Roginski and Matt Reid's reception. This time a French Blue ribbon was used at the base. It's amazing when you add a different color ribbon how different a popular cake looks. The wedding cake was white ... but filled with Blueberry and Bailey's (no, not mixed together).

I live in a diverse neighborhood ... and can you believe that not one guy in this neighborhood played football? I should have gone to Sports Authority to purchase a football helmet for the shape, but will do so for the next time. The shape of the groom's cake was off, but the colors were that of the Cleveland Browns.

Thank you Shari Zellers Photography for these shots.

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