Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dykes-Crum, The Carl House, 5/9/9

Our third and final delivery of the day .....

Clay and I met Kim and Michael a couple of years ago while on a bowling league ... Michael is a darn good bowler, but on a rare occasion I was the better bowler.

I remember one bowling night in partcular .. Kim was absent .. I made a bet with Mike. For every strike I got, the cost of the cake went up $50; for every strike Mike got, the cost of the cake went down $50. He had to go home that evening to let Kim know that their cake cost $300 more !!!! (smile). I really didn't raise the price of the cake, but it was so sweet to see him sweat !!!

Kim Dykes and Michael Crum had their wedding and reception at The Carl House. Their cake was Marble filled with Bailey's (yum). Four tiers ... with columns separating the top two tiers. A spring moss ribbon bordered each cake covered in swirls. It came out pretty.

The groom cake was a "sophisticated Georgia G". All chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, complete with chocolate covered strawberries.

Much happiness Kim and Michael !!!


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