Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lee-Smith, The Old Mill Restaurant, 1/31/9

Cara Lee and Robbie Smith (such a cute couple) had their reception at The Old Mill Restaurant in Acworth. When I deliver my next cake in that neck of town, Clay and I will go back to have dinner. Their menu looked amazing.

Three tier cakes tend to look "short", but after separating each layer with columns, and hiding the columns with many carnations, this cake looked tall and stately with vertical pleats. I added green hydrangea and berries on the top. It was amazing how the green hydrangea made the color of the carnations pop. I thought it came out pretty.

Now the groom cake was a project .... the top design took about 6 hours, but I loved how it came out. Robbie is seen no where without his I-Phone ... so a larger than life I-phone made a great groom cake. I customized some of the icons to reflect a few of Robbie's favorite things. The calendar icon was modified with their wedding date; the clock icon showed the wedding start time (6:00); the british flag repesented where they were engaged (London); the State of Georgia outline was to represent where they were from; the eight note was to show Robbie's musical interest; the Owl was to represent Kennesaw State "owls" where he went to school; the Gretsch logo was to represent Robbie's drum set; and last, but not least, the WB logo to show Robbie's love for classic cartoons.

Instead of driving all the way home, Clay and I stayed in the area .. we went out to dinner, shopped a little, laughed a lot ... and then headed back to pick up the plateau. The restaurant had run out of plates, so while they were washing more, I got hugs from both, Cara and Robbie (Cara looked beautiful, by the way) and made my way to the cake. When the plates arrived, I started cutting and plating the remainder of the wedding cake. It does my heart good when all that remains of a cake is crumbs.

Thanks EJ and Janet (Blue World Studios) for these awesome cake shots !!! (

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cox-Walters, Quinlan Visual Arts Center, 1/24/9

Ashley Cox and Jason Walters chose an unusual venue for their reception .... The Quinlan Visual Arts Center in Gainesville. It was so cool to have my cake(s) in an art museum !!!

With 300 guests, Ashley needed a large cake, so a 5-tier square was a perfect size. Each layer had a different design and each layer was a different flavor. The groom cake is the logo for Manchester United (an English soccer team).

Thanks to Ray/Erica (35 Atlanta) for the great photo's.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fitzgerald-O'Reilly, Magnolia Hall, 1/23/9

Wedding season has begun !!! This is my first wedding cake of 2009 ... and am pleased to announce it will grace the cover of my portfolio for the year !!!!

When we arrived, Magnolia Hall was set up for the ceremony, with pre-ceremony cocktails in tents off to the side. I got a chance to see Noelle Fitzgerald and Connor O'Reilly take their vows. Noelle looked beautiful.

As soon as the ceremony was over and the room cleared .... it was time to flip the room. The caterer (Endive) got busy bringing in tables, and Clay and I got busy bringing in the cake.

The cake was vanilla filled with cookies n' cream (yum). The third layer from the top was fake. Each layer had an ascending cascade of silver dregee's. Noelle had purchased a variety of silver ornaments for me to place around the base and smaller ornaments from which to create a topper.

Photo by a photographer newcomer ... Sara Chapman. As soon as she gets a website, I'll let you know how to reach her.

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a New Year !!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I'm enjoying a couple of much-deserved weeks off ... I've got a couple of kid birthday cakes, and baby shower cakes to do over the next couple of weeks ... but all in all, I'm resting a little, crocheting, ripping wallpaper down, getting organized and am looking forward for the 2009 wedding season to begin. It's going to start slow (3 in January; 2 in February), but by March I'll be moving at a fast pace.

This will be a big year for both Clay and I - we both turn the BIG 50 !!!!! Yippie, I can finally get my AARP card !!! We also will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary ... and they (family) said it would never last !!!

As I raise my cup of coffee ..... Here's to a great year !!!