Saturday, May 29, 2010

WEDDING: Arcand-Coleman, 5/29/10, Little Gardens

Back to back weekends at Little Gardens in Lawrenceville ... not scheduled to be there again until November .. but you never know. Nicole Arcand and Cynetum Coleman chose Little Gardens for their reception.

I don't know who was more excited about this cake .... me ... Nicole (the bride) ... or Clay (my husband)!!!

Clay, the Cake Wrangler, made this cake for Nicole ... all I had to do was decorate it. Nicole is allergic to dairy and anyone who knows Nicole knows that she loves rice krispy treats. So naturally, because she can't eat regular cake, she needed a cake made out of rice krispies. Apparently, no other baker that she researched would take this project on, but we did, and I'm thrilled that I could give Nicole her favorite rice krispy treat in the shape of a wedding cake.

Yes, this gorgeous 3 tier cake is made out of rice krispies molded in my square cake pans. We went thru 5 boxes of rice krispies and 10 bags of marshmallow. Butter is what is usually used, but due to Nicole's dairy allergy, we used margarine. Even my trademark buttercream icing was "margarinecream".

I think it came out great and hope Nicole was pleased as well.

Music: Complete Music
Photo: Jette Fagela
Floral: Melody Saunders
Caterer: Little Gardens

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" / 8" / 10" - RICE KRISPY TREATS

WEDDING: Harrison-Dawson, 5/29/10, Villa Serena

Villa Serena in Conyers was the site of Sarah Harrison and Troy Dawson's wedding and ceremony. It's an Italianate mansion, with sweeping verandas, located on 100 wooded acres, overlooking a large lake.

If you need to feed about 100 people .. this size cake is perfect. Sarah liked two different designs (dots and scrolls) and added a "D" monogram made of white chocolate.

Congratulations, Sarah and Troy.

Music: Down South Band
Photo: Dana Rasmussen
Floral: Angie Gunja, Birch Blooms

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - 1/2 red velvet; 1/2 chocolate cakes filled w/ cream cheese
8" - 1/2 red velvet; 1/2 chocolate cakes filled w/ cream cheese
10" - 1/2 red velvet; 1/2 chocolate cakes filled w/ cream cheese

Sunday, May 23, 2010

WEDDING: Koher-Swilley, Bona Allen Mansion, 5/23/10

"Swilley is the name, that's Silly with a W" I heard Stephanie explain to one of the vendors. Made me laugh.

Bona Allen Mansion in Buford was the site of Stephanie Koher and Daniel Swilley's wedding and reception. It's an elegant European style home built in 1911. A beautiful mansion, full of marble and dark wood.

The wedding cake was a mix of round and square cakes with a couple of designs. The round layers had a delicate swirl pattern right above a single row of ribbon. The square layers had a triple ribbon design. Very different and topped with a unique "S" monogram.

Congratulations, Stephanie and Daniel.

Music: Joe Gransden Trio
Photo: Deron Garing
Floral: Darryl Wiseman
Caterer: Bona Allen

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - White cake filled w/ Bailey's
8" - White cake filled w/ Bailey's
12" - White cake filled w/ Bailey's
14" - FAKE

Saturday, May 22, 2010

WEDDING: Smith-Cain, Little Gardens, 5/22/10

This was my first appearance at Little Gardens in Lawrenceville. A colonial style home built in the 1930's - now a full service wedding and special event facility. Worth checking out.

Ann Marie and Travis have been on my schedule since August 2009. After viewing my portfolio, Ann Marie fell in love with this 4 tier design. It's a large cake and very impressive .. so sleek, clean, elegant.

Travis is a fan and graduate of Coastal Carolina University .... therefore their mascot, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleer was required for the groom cake.

Congratulations, Ann Marie and Travis.

Music: Black Tie Events
Photo: Slava-Slavik
Floral: Magic Moments
Caterer: Little Gardens

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - White cake filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries
10" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
12" - FAKE
16" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
It was a FUNFETTI cake !!! Fun !!!

WEDDING: Sulpy-Skelton, Flint Hill, 5/22/10

Danielle contacted me at the end of March, but due to her busy schedule we didn't get to meet until May 5th ... and with a May 22nd wedding, that was cutting it close. I did have another client for that day, but with an early delivery time I was still available.

Flint Hill in Norcross was the site of Danielle Sulpy and Josh Skelton's wedding ceremony and reception. It was a beautiful day.

Danielle knew exactly what she wanted. A tall cake with columns and floral cascades on each tier and rounded edges. The only thing I added to her design was a wide spaced single dot design on each tier for interest. It came out really pretty.

Josh had a thing for turntables ..... I did my best to create one just for him.

Congratulations, Danielle and Josh.

Music: ?
Photo: A family friend
Floral: Magic Moments
Caterer: Flint Hill

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - Carrot cake filled w/ Cream Cheese
10" - White cake filled w/ Chocolate Mousse
12" - Red Velvet cake filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
Red Velvet cake filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries


Oh my, what a busy week ..... it started with Karibeth's cupcake order ... two dozen water theme cupcakes for McCain; and 4 dozen Bon Voyage theme cupcakes for Faxon. None of which I took a picture of, but I will receive pics from Karibeth and will publish later.

Kaelyn celebrated her 3rd birthday with a sleeping beauty theme ... didn't get a picture of that one either !!

Raleigh Wulkotte celebrated her 3rd birthday in Spongebob style ... thanks to Raleigh's mom (Meredith Wulkotte - Risque Boudoir) for providing the cake photo.

But then I finally found my camera just in time to capture the following:

Congratulations to Danielle and Josh who tied the knot at Flint Hill in Norcross on 5/22.

50 IS the new 30 !!! and Norlene celebrated this milestone birthday with many friends and family gathered at The Wimbish House in Atlanta on 5/22.

Congratulations to Ann Marie and Travis who tied the knot at Little Gardens in Lawrenceville on 5/22.

and last but not least .... Congratulations to Stephanie and Daniel who tied the knot at the Bona Allen Mansion in Buford on 5/23.

I'm one tired cake lady tonight ... hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

WEDDING: McNeese-Tongren, Barnsley Gardens, 5/15/10

I told Clay that we were heading to Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville for one of my Saturday wedding deliveries ..... but it wasn't until we arrived and the security guard mentioned "the ruins" that Clay got very excited and proceeded to give me the whole history of the ruins, etc. So while I was busy decorating, he was snooping all over the place and he filled me in about what he had seen while on the way home. He had a great time.

Sabrina McNeese and Peter Tongren met with me early in the year and they settled on a cake I call "The Mayan" (aka "the stick cake"). No matter where I set it up, or what flowers are used, it always comes out looking great. Just make sure to order enough flowers for this cake .... when I asked the florist for the cake flowers, she presented me with eight (8) flowers ..... I thought it was a joke, but no ... only 8 flowers were ordered. Not nearly enough. So I mentioned to the coordinator that I was going to have to borrow some from from other arrangements to finish the cake ... not a problem, so I did.

The weather proved to be an issue for this couple, there was plenty of thunder and rain in the forecast and pop up showers all around them. Their reception area was safe and dry from the elements however. They had a clear tent set up (I had never seen a clear tent before .. always white). It looked awesome. You still got the weather security of the tent, but you could see the trees/landscape.

Thanks to Eliana Baucicault ( .. Sabrina refered to her as her "right hand girl" ... for being willing to bring home my wooden plateau so that I wouldn't have to wait up there 6 hours in order to grab it and then head home.

Congratulations to Sabrina and Peter !!! See you next year (for your 1st Anniversary).

Will post pro pics as soon as I receive them.

Photographer: Cake photo request fulfilled by Bride
Music: BandX (wish I had gotten a chance to listen to them)
Floral: Perfect Petals
Coordinator: Eliana Baucicault - By Your Side Events
Cake Flavor/Filling: each tier was 1/2 Chocolate and 1/2 Vanilla cakes filled with fresh sliced strawberries.

WEDDING: Scott-Grindle, Country Club of Roswell, 5/15/10

I can't tell you how many times I've driven by the entrance to the Country Club of Roswell and just never realized it. This was my first delivery at this Club .... once inside the property, it was very easy to locate the ballroom. I had a difficult time finding someone to answer a couple of questions like: where are the cake flowers and where is the table for the groom cake, but once I got someone's attention, it was a smooth set up.

Amanda and Ben came to meet with me back in January 2010 .... Amanda loved the idea of having a different design on each tier ... so after going thru my portfolio and picking out designs that she liked we put together her unique cake design. The top layer had the fun "fat dot" design; followed by ... the quilt design on 3 sides with their monogram handwritten on the front; followed by ... a vertical stripe; followed by ... an all-over swirl design.

Ben's cake was the ever-popular Georgia "G".

Congratulations, Amanda and Ben .. you were a joy to work with. I will miss all of your sweet notes.

See you for your 1st Anniversary !!!

Special Thanks to Callie Murray of Achor and Eden for getting these great cake shots to me so quickly. Particularly love the cake cutting series of shots. Very unusual. Go check out Achor and Eden's work at

Music: East Coast Entertainment - Moon Dance (Band)
Photo: Achor and Eden
Floral: Holland Daze
Caterer: Country Club of Roswell
Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" Chocolate cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
8" White cake filled w/ Lemon
10" Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
Red Velvet filled w/ Cream Cheese

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi - many thanks to Shea Owens for the incredibly quick turnaround (and great shots) of the Pittsburgh Steeler groom cake and favors. To see the shots and contact info for Shae ... check out the WEDDING: Heinrichs-Ryan, Whitlock Inn, 5/8/10 post.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

WEDDING: Ahsan-Garcia, The Solarium, 5/8/10

The Solarium in Decatur is a unique venue for a reception. It is the historic site of The Scottish Rite Convalescent Hospital for Crippled Children, founded in 1915. It accommodated 18 patients. As you enter this venue, and walk around, you can still imagine the hospital as it once was ... so white, so clean, so many windows !!! The only downside is the parking ... street parking only.

Tayiba met with me a couple of months ago ... simple and elegant was what she was looking for. So a simple flat finish bordered with a lemongrass ribbon was decided on. I was under the impression that I was only going to have green cymbidium orchids to decorate the cake with ..... I had a bunch of stuff to use .. three different size orchids, this gorgeous maroon flower that I had never seen, and some soft fern-like greenery. I had a great time working with the floral. All three tiers of the wedding cake were vanilla filled with a Dulce de Leche filling.

Originally Javier's groom cake was to be the USC Trojan logo .... but about a month or so ago, it was changed to the Harvard undergrad logo. It was red velvet filled with cream cheese.

Congratulations, Tayiba and Javier.

WEDDING: Heinrichs-Ryan, Whitlock Inn, 5/8/10

I never had the pleasure of meeting this customer .. we did all of our business via emails .. maybe one phonecall, but mostly email. When Tina approached me, she had already contracted her reception site, Whitlock Inn in Marietta, to create her wedding cake, so she was looking for someone to create the groom cake.

She sent a picture of the Pittsburgh Steelers "Terrible Towel". So for all of the Pittsburgh Steeler fans out there ... this one is for you !!! It was red velvet filled w/ cream cheese. Yum !

About a month later, she contacted me again wondering if I could come up with an idea as a favor for her wedding. I suggested chocolate covered oreo's. Together we found a design for the label and we were off and running.

Special thanks to Liz Kelly for delivering this order for me. I truly appreciate you.

Congratulations, Tina and Leo !!!

Many thanks for the pro photo's from Shae Owens Photography ... great job and incredibly fast turnaround.

You can see more examples of Shae's work at:
Shae Owens Photography


Oh my goodness, what a busy week this was.

It all started early in the week with the delivery of a bridal shower cake. The top tier was chocolate, the bottom vanilla. Decorated with a paisley print that coordinated with some fabric the customer was planning to dress the cake table with.

Now for all of the weekend cakes .... first out the door was the Nittany Lion (Penn State) for Ally's husband's surprise birthday party. The cake was vanilla filled w/ chocolate cookies n' cream (YUM).

Next was a very special cake for a First Holy Communion celebration. This cake design was created by the mom and daughter .. I'm thrilled they allowed me to make their vision come to life. The base was a large oval vanilla cake decorated with white and gray icing and a silver bead border. It was topped with a chocolate cross decorated with the quilt design and small silver dragee's. The top of the cake was covered in royal icing daisies. It truly looked great. It was accompanied with one dozen white cupcakes. The "petals" of the cupcakes are white chocolate melts, a dab of gray icing and a large dragee completed them.

My friend, Liz, came by to pick up a delivery she made for me on Saturday ..... for all of the Pittsburgh Steeler fans out there, here is my version of the "Terrible Towel" !!! It was a red velvet cake filled w/ cream cheese and decorated in the brightest yellow icing that I could create. It sure came out cute. In addition to the Terrible Towel groom cake, this bride asked me to create the favors for her event. I created 110 Chocolate covered oreo's, dusted with silver to show off the wedding bell design, placed in a custom labeled individual box.

This special bed was created for Emma (age 5) who celebrated her birthday with a Sleeping Beauty theme. The bed is edible (vanilla cake filled w/ cookies n' cream), the headboard and footboard are made from pretzel rods. Add an icing pillow, a quilting square and your favorite doll and you've got a bed fit for a queen.

Next out the door is this three tiered graduation cake fit for two Georgia Tech grads. Congratulations to you both !!!

and last, but not least .....

A three tier wedding cake (vanilla cake filled w/ Dulce de Leche), flat finish with a lemongrass ribbon at the base. Orchids placed on top and all around the cake, here and there.

The groom cake was a red velvet filled with cream cheese, complete with the Harvard University undergrad logo.

Congratulations to Tayiba and Javier.

Add to my week, one tasting appointment and 5 First anniversary cakes and I think you'll agree with me that I should be (and am) exhausted.

I'm not a mom, well I am to my dog ... but to all of the mom's out there ... HAPPY MOTHER's DAY !!!

Stay tuned for another crazy cake week next week.