Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roginski-Reid, Park Tavern, 4/25/9

I met this bride (and bride's mom) a little over a year ago ... while setting up a cake in Cobb County.

My "Molly" cake design (it's very popular) was chosen for Katie Roginski and Matt Reid's reception. This time a French Blue ribbon was used at the base. It's amazing when you add a different color ribbon how different a popular cake looks. The wedding cake was white ... but filled with Blueberry and Bailey's (no, not mixed together).

I live in a diverse neighborhood ... and can you believe that not one guy in this neighborhood played football? I should have gone to Sports Authority to purchase a football helmet for the shape, but will do so for the next time. The shape of the groom's cake was off, but the colors were that of the Cleveland Browns.

Thank you Shari Zellers Photography for these shots.

Jackson-Williams, Lambert Place, 4/25/9

Have you ever seen the "ceremony room" at Lambert Place? It's gorgeous !!! I've delivered to Lambert in the past, but never saw (or had a bride that used) their ceremony room.

My day started early with a 9:30/10:00a delivery for the reception of Carmen Jackson and Jason Williams.

Carmen's colors were a coral and a redish-coralish color. Her cake details were in the coral color and her border was done in the redish color. I colored the fondant bow specifically for her using a mix of red and orange dusting powders.

Perfect Petals was her florist ... and I must say the centerpieces were quite unique and had a tropical flare .... very cool.

Cliff Robinson was the photographer ..... will post pro shot and contact info upon receipt.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nye-Bennett, Winder Community Center, 4/18/9

Late last year, while returning a cake plateau to J&L Party Rental (, a woman said ... are YOU the cake lady? Mary and her mom were in the shop arranging their rentals for Mary's wedding. We soon after set a date to meet and I got the cake order !!!

This was our second delivery of the day ... Mary Nye and Luke Bennett married in the Coleen O Williams Theatre. Their reception was held in the Winder Community Center. I had never been in this facility, so when I entered I was taken back by the beauty of it all. The dark wood floors were so shiny I thought they were wet. With twinkle lights up on the ceiling, lovely linens and centerpieces .. it was absolutely gorgeous.

Simple, yet elegant was the cake theme ..... dark brown ribbon bordered each layer ... loops of ribbon were mixed in with silk hydrangea and ribbon streamers on each side of the cake. Very pretty.

This is the first time, that I've received the professional photo and a comment from the bride before their wedding was posted on my blog !!!

The photographer was Nikki Banik Photography ( and she did an awesome job. Thank you, Nikki.

Shugart-Coane, Park Tavern, 4/18/9

We ended our day at Park Tavern for the reception of Jessica Shughart and Brian Coane.
Hot pink and orange was their color combination. Again, my "molly" cake was created this time using hot pink and orange ribbons. The top and bottom layers were white cake filled with chocolate buttercream; the second cake was fake and the third was white cake filled w/ fresh sliced strawberries.
The groom's cake was a last minute add-on. Brian is a fan of Kevin Harvick (Nascar driver - car #29) ..... the car was made out of Red velvet cake.

This was my second weekend in a row with John Campbell as the photographer ... I'm anxious to see his shots.

Unger-Forrest, Roswell River Landing, 4/18/9

My first of three deliveries of the day ..... and as I was creating this cake at my kitchen table, I just knew it would be my "Pick of the Weekend".

If there was an award for wedding details ... Amy would receive it. From the cake to the lanterns to the "F" made out of daiseys ... the details in white, lime green and yellow were amazing (and so adorable). Great job, Amy !!!

Amy Unger and Josh Forrest married at the Roswell River Landing. Their Day of Coordinator, Ally Haggerty (, arrived at 7:30a that morning to make sure that all of Amy's details were in place and ready to go. When I arrived, I got the nickle tour of details and then got to work. The wedding cake, which was 1/2 strawberry and 1/2 vanilla cakes filled w/ cookies and cream, was covered .... totally covered .. in little dots ..... bordered with green and yellow ribbons. Too cute. Only the football part of the LSU groom cake was edible ... chocolate cake filled w/ banana cream ... the grass/chunk of dirt was fake.

I've seen the professional shots from Michael Saba ( ... they look great, by the way .... and have ordered the cake shots, but until they arrive .. enjoy mine.

There is one shot that I did not see in Amy's pro shot gallery .... and I think it's because the photographer was behind Amy when I took this picture. One additional detail that Amy had was a green crenoline under her gown .... I took this shot (and got permission from Amy to blog it). Enjoy the photo of Amy, in her veil, in a comfy shirt, and in her slip with green crenoline.

Amy and Josh ... a very special couple and who are wished much happiness for many years to come. See you in a year .. if not sooner.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Polis-Beisheim, Primrose Cottage, 4/17/9

Here's another instance when you have a small (100 guests or less) reception, but want a cake that looks like more .....

Stacy Polis and Rich Beisheim married in the back garden area of Primrose Cottage ... it looked so pretty. Meanwhile, the florist, DJ, and I were getting things ready for the reception.

The top 3 layers of the cake are real (lemon cake filled w/ raspberry and almond cake filled w/ Amaretto). The bottom cake was fake. Stacy chose my "Molly" cake design ... it has a specific dot pattern and I bordered it with black 7/8" ribbon. Once we placed the gerbera daisies .... it really showed the personality of the event.

Thanks to Garnet O'Connor ( for the quick turnaround on the cake/event pics !!!

Best wishes, Stacy and Rich.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoagland-Jarchow, Park Tavern, 4/10/9

Leslie Hoagland and Philip Jarchow came to meet with me about 2 months before their big day. After looking thru my portfolio Leslie decided on different designs on each layer. So, that's what she got.

We arrived at Park Tavern Friday evening with a 4-tier cake ... All of the design work was done in an oatmeal color to match the ribbon border. The top and bottom layers were Marble cake filled with chocolate mousse; the second from the top was vanilla cake filled with Hazelnut; and the third layer (second from the bottom) was FAKE.

When my brides have their ceremony at the same location as their reception ... I get a chance to see them before everything begins. Leslie ... with tiara already in place .... and in casual attire ... came out as I was constructing her cake. Big Hugs !!! The next time I saw her ... she was dressed in her gown and looked incredible. I got to witness "the first look" ... when the groom (Philip) see's the bride in her gown for the first time. My heart was full and my eyes were also full of emotion ... it was a beautiful sight to see.

Leslie and Philip's reception gave me the chance to meet a few new vendors: Brette Start - Floral and Event Design ... was the Florist and also served as Day of Coordinator; and John Campbell was the photographer. I'll fill you in on his contact info once I receive cake photo's. Until then, my photo will have to do.

Best wishes to you both, Leslie and Philip.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Forsythe-Pilson, Biltmore Hotel, 4/5/9

After all deliveries on Saturday we arrived home at 8:30p and I headed straight to bed ... I slept 12 hours straight, got up and sang in an Easter program at Church, came home to meet with one of my 4/18 brides, and before I knew it, it was time to head downtown for my last delivery of the weekend. WOW .. What a weekend.

I was really looking forward to creating Johnie Forsythe and David Pilson's wedding cake .. the special part of their design was a verse from the Bible from 1 Corinthians 13:4 that would be handwritten on the 2nd tier ... Love is Patient, Love is Kind, and envies no one. A couple of months ago, Johnie had attend a Bridal Show and entered a drawing for a FREE Four Season's cake ... and she won !!! So, I lost the wedding cake (bummer) ... but kept the groom cake order and added a rehearsal dinner cake.

So on Saturday, before my wedding deliveries, we stopped at Steel Restaurant to drop off a vanilla cake filled w/ Grand Marnier frosted in vanilla buttercream with their monogram on the top for their rehearsal dinner.

Johnie and David's wedding and reception were at the Biltmore. David wanted his fraternity paddle created as his groom cake. It was Red Velvet cake filled with cream cheese. I dropped it off around 4:30p. Johnie had asked me to find her when I arrived so off I went .... I was stopped however by a "guard" posted at the door who worked for the wedding coordinator who refused me access to the bride.

Shannon Wright ( has such quick turnaround on her pics .... enjoy. Thanks, Shannon.

Congratulations, Johnie and David !!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bigum-Huttman, Dunwoody Country Club, 4/4/9

My third and final delivery of the day brought us to the Dunwoody Country Club for the wedding reception of Lindsey Bigum and Dan Huttman. When you walk into the massive ballroom ... the only color you see is a soft gold ... from the curtains that draped the huge windows to the wallpaper to the floor .... so that means, any color that you are working with will work beautifully with the room decor. In Lindsey's cake, she used blue, green, and white. Heather Oliver ( brought in blue hydrangea mixed with green orchids and white roses ..... just beautiful.

Lindsey's cake was unique ... A thinner than usual black ribbon bordered each layer ... the top and third layers were decorated with a single dot design; but on the second and bottom layers I did my best to copy a specific scroll pattern that she had on her invitation. It was very elegant when it was all together. I hope she was happy with it.

Heidi Gladhauser (from Labor of Love) provided this photo .... Thank you, Heidi.

Sunderman-Oberstein, Park Tavern, 4/4/9

My second delivery of the day .... was to the Piedmont Room at Park Tavern, for Stephanie Sunderman and Matt Oberstein's wedding reception. Park Tavern employees were busy arranging the tables and reps from Southern Bouquets ( were busy with the floral arrangements ... bright yellow tulips, yellow gladiola, green bells of ireland, berries, orchids, and white roses, etc ... just gorgeous.

Stephanie's cake design is called "All Dressed Up". I do lots of ribbon cakes, but the unique part of this cake is that it has three rows of ribbon and a specific triple fold. It's very different .. almost contemporary ... yet elegant. Love it !!! Green cymbidiam (sp?) orchids made quite a contrast to the pewter ribbon. Flavors: Almond cake filled w/ Raspberry; Chocolate cake filled w/ Bailey's; Almond cake filled with cream cheese; White cake filled w/ Raspberry ... a little bit of everything.

Superman ..... is Matt's favorite comic hero !!! His cake was chocolate filled w/ Bailey's (YUM).

EJ and Janet of Blue World Studios ( were in charge of photography .... so good at what they do.

Congratulations, Stephanie and Matt !!!

Keys-Sherwood, Old Pace House, 4/4/9

My first of three deliveries of the day ..... Logan Keys and Tim Sherwood. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten how quaint the Old Pace House in Vinings is .... it's perfect for the smaller size wedding/gathering (100 max is my guess). Logan and Tim had a perfect Spring day for their wedding .. in fact, it was getting a little warm. When we arrived, everyone was busy doing what they do best .... the caterer (Low Country BBQ) and florist (family friend) were setting up ... Ally Haggerty ( was busy making sure all of the "details" were perfect, and Logan .... calm, cool, collected .. hair all done up and in a pair of jeans ... was walking around saying hello to everyone. I was busy adding the border on her cake when she got to me and I got the nicest hug from her. I had changed the groom cake design (went from a 1/4 sheet cake with a small Mountain Dew can on top to a 1/4 sheet cake turned into a huge Mountain Dew can) ... and she loved it.

Speaking of cake ..... if the wedding cake tasted anything like how it smelled while baking it or while putting it together ... all were going to enjoy it. Each layer was 1/2 strawberry cake; 1/2 vanilla cake filled with chocolate buttercream (Neopolitan - chocolate/vanilla/strawberry). YUMMY. A black ribbon bordering each layer combined with a 3-dot and 2-dot pattern and red and orange gerbera daisy's make a great looking cake ... and my "favorite cake" pick of the weekend.

The groom cake was chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream ..... Tim loves Dew .. hates the new Dew logo, but the product is what counts. So the old Dew logo went on his larger than life cake.

When I finished setting up, I went to find Ally to let her know that I was done and leaving for my next delivery ..... I found her (with the bride, of course) and got to meet Logan's mom and got to see Logan in her dress .. strapless, form fitting in the middle and lots of material ... she looked so pretty.

Lisette Price of lisette Price Photography ( provided the awesome shots of the cakes. Thank you, Lisette.
Congratulations LOGAN and TIM !!!!! Happiness always.