Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Other cakes this past week ....

..... and if I wasn't busy enough with three wedding cakes and two groom cakes to do ..... I managed to get out a few more. These will stay here on the blog for a little while, then will get moved / added to older posts.

The Clemson cake was used for a Rehearsal dinner (not for one of my brides).

Cupcakes: I created cupcakes that looked like popcorn, but forgot to take a photo of them, but did get a shot of the cute lady bugs cupcakes done for Karibeth. I also created a huge cupcake for a neighbor's grand-daughter .. done in primary colors.

Delores (our pianist at Church) needed this Cinderella cake for her niece's birthday.

Meredith Wulkotte's daughter Raleigh turned 2 this past weekend and all of her girl friends were going to wear tu tu's ... I created this cupcake tree with a tutu at the bottom and a smaller one on the top. The colors were a pretty pink, green, and brown. I'm sure Meredith will send me a better shot of the cupcake tree. Meredith is well known in the wedding industry as a great wedding coordinator (A Remembered Detail) and portrait and boudoir photographer (519 Photography).

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Helen said...

Love the ladybug cupcakes!Makes me hungry for some of your delicious cake!!!! YUUUMMMMMM! :)