Monday, May 25, 2009

Brohm-Garay, The Signature Room, 5/23/9

My first delivery of the weekend ... Leah Brohm and Christian Garay held their reception at The Signature Room in Dunwoody. This venue is different as it's located in an office park.

Ally Haggerty ( brought this couple to me late last year ... we had a great time at the Tasting and they "twisted my arm" to make me purchase a new pan !!! A Stadium pan. In fact, when the pan arrived I sent an email simply stating that "my new stadium pan has arrived" .... and got a huge LOL response from Leah.

Leah's wedding cake was a 4-tier Petal cake .... (Petal being the shape of the pans) ... bordered in silver ribbon with a wide-spaced single dot design. Beautiful pink roses and petals (provided by Heather Kocevar - Stems) finished the cake. She had a variety of cake flavors: From top to bottom ... Almond filled w/ Baileys; Lemon filled w/ Raspberry buttercream; Vanilla filled w/ Grand Marnier; and Almond filled w/ Baileys

Christian's groom cake (chocolate filled with Cookies n' cream) was a soccer stadium (my new pan) on top of a 1/2 sheet cake (12x18").

Something happened with my camera and am unable to show you the photo's .... but I am sure Shannon Wright ( will provide fast turnaround on the photo's, as usual. I'll post as soon as I receive them.
UPDATE: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stadium shot from Shannon ..... and the wedding cake is not too shabby either. Thank you for making me/my work look so good.

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