Sunday, July 31, 2011

WEDDING: Steenblik-Whang, Primrose Cottage, 7/31/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Lillian Steenblik and Sung Whang
VENUE: Primrose Cottage

It's always a pleasure to bring a cake to Primrose Cottage in Roswell.

One of the most colorful weddings I've seen this year. This bride even went so far as to hand create origami cranes and place them on toothpicks for the dozen or so cupcakes. If you look close at the cake photo, you'll see strings of origami birds hanging in the window ... it was gorgeous. She did a great job. Two wedding ceremonies took place; the first was Korean, the second American. Lily dressed in authentic Korean clothing and when I spoke with both of them Sung remarked how silly he felt in the hat he was wearing. The American ceremony was more traditional (gown/tux). The cake colors were offwhite, and hues of blue to green (think peacock feather) ... A thousand royal icing buds were made and placed on the cake and I've saved some for their first anniversary cake.

Photo: Holly Jones PhotographyAdd ImageFloral:

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Banana Cream
8" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
10" - Vanilla cake filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries AND Blueberry (1/2 and 1/2)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

WEDDING: LoPresti-Drepaul, Country Club of the South, 7/23/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Anna LoPresti and Adrian Drepaul
VENUE: Country Club of the South

Love bringing cakes to the Country Club of the South. It's close to home and a beautiful venue.

There are two metal choices when accenting your cake table ... silver and gold. Sometimes gold can look a bit "tacky", but in this case, this bride did the gold correctly and it looked terrific. The monogram was gold, ribbon = gold, cake plateau = gold. Very different, very unique. Good job.

An all-0ver swirl design with a gold ribbon at the base of each tier made this 5-tier beauty stand out. Accent with red floral and you've got a pretty cake.

VENDORS: I never received the list of vendors, but did learn the name of the photographer and have requested a link to the photo's when ready. I have not heard from her yet, but as soon as I receive the photo will post the pro shot for all to see.
Music: Unknown
Photo: professional photographs were requested 7/23Add ImageFloral: Unknown
Caterer: assuming Country Club of the South

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Coconut cake filled w/ Raspberry
8" - Coconut cake filled w/ Raspberry
10" - Coconut cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" - FAKE
14" - Coconut cake filled w/ Raspberry

Friday, July 15, 2011

WEDDING: Theobald-Parker, Summerhour Studio, 7/15/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Corine Theobald and Adam Parker
VENUE: Summerhour Studio

I met Corine and Adam back in March ... when I asked them who their photographers were, they told me it was Ray and Erica of 35 Atlanta ..... we chit chatted a bit more and that is when I learned that Adam was the Adam/Amber Photography Team of 35 Atlanta!! How cool is that !!!

We needed a tall cake (but not all the cake a tall cake makes). So a 5-tier was created with an uneven texture, bordered in royal blue and black ribbon. A multi-loop bow was the perfect touch along with a little floral here and there.

Adam spotted me as I was leaving with the cake plateau (at the end of their night) and gave me a huge hug and thanked me ..... that meant alot.

Best wishes Corine and Adam .... see you on your 1st anniversary .. and Adam, I'm sure I'll run into you in the near future at fine wedding venues everywhere.

Music: (Band) Moxie
Photo: 35 Atlanta (Ray/Erica) - professional photographs were requested 7/16/11
Floral: Viridis Designs (Alison Carlson)
Caterer: Proof of the Pudding

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
8" - FAKE
10" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" - White cake filled w/ Bailey's Buttercream
14" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Chocolate Mousse

Saturday, July 9, 2011

WEDDING: Potts-Weinziehl, Rhodes Hall, 7/9/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Meagan Potts and Peter Weinziehl
VENUE: Rhodes Hall

It was so nice to be back at Rhodes Hall ... such character this venue has. I love the dark wood and the stained glass. They could use some help with fingerprints on the mirrors, but it always makes for a fantastic venue.

It was an overcast, rainy day ... but the rain stopped long enough for Meagan and Peter to say their vows on the front lawn. Meagan was a stunning bride and I wish I could have seen Peter's face when he got a look at her !!!

Here's an example of having the look of a 4-tier cake, but not all the cake a 4-tier provides. The third layer was fake. Classic single dot and ribbon design, beautiful floral on the top.

Thanks to Lauren Routhier Photography for providing the great cake shot !!!

Wishing Meagan and Peter endless years of happiness.

Music: Nick Crowder, Atlanta DJs
Photo: Loren Routhier Photography ( ImageFloral: Joanne Webster
Caterer: Affairs to Remember

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Almond cake filled w/ Bailey's Buttercream
8" - Almond cake filled w/ Bailey's Buttercream
10" - FAKE
12" - Almond cake filled w/ Cream Cheese

WEDDING: Taylor-Lewis, Le Fais do-do, 7/9/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Jessica Taylor and Kevin Lewis
VENUE: Le Fais do-do

I had never heard of this venue before and was anxious to see it, so when we arrived I took a little extra time to check it out. It has great potential. An 8,000 Sq. foot blank palette for you to come in and decorate as needed. It's huge and you can hold both your ceremony and reception in one place.

I'm so looking forward to receiving the pro shot of this cake. The top tier was based on the wedding gown detail, and the shot of purple (ribbon) with a gorgeous brooch just added to its magnificence. I had issues with the table that the cake was on .. not sure where it came from, but it was crooked ... the feet were planted on the floor, it wabbled at the top where the top of the table meets the stem of the table and there was nothing I could do to fix it. Every time we went near the table, the table slanted ... making the cake look slanted. I wish I could have put a fence around it to guard it from folks coming up to touch (and slant) the table, but I couldn't.

I didn't meet Kevin until his wedding day, but met Jessica a couple of times. She was a hands-on bride .... provided the music, floral, she even made her cake plateau out of a styrofoam round for height, a piece of glass, and beautiful material. She looked stunning on her wedding day. Check out their get-away car that was parked outside.

Wishing Jessica and Kevin a lifetime of happiness.

Music: Provided by the Bride
Photo: will provide contact info when/if I receive the professional photo's.Add ImageFloral: Provided by the Bride
Caterer: Le Fais do-do

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
4" - Red Velvet cake filled with Amaretto and Cream Cheese (3 layer cakes)
8" - Red Velvet cake filled w/ Amaretto and Cream Cheese (3 layer cake)
12" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Strong Coffee Buttercream (2 layer)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

WEDDING: Lauinger-Mayk, Little Gardens, 7/3/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Tressa Lauinger and Richard Mayk
VENUE: Little Gardens, Lawrenceville

I met Tressa in 1990. She was 5 years old. I've seen the best of Tressa through school, acne, boyfriends, frizzy hair, and super gluing her foot to the floor (yes, it's true). Then one day, she met Rich and we knew this was a special relationship. On July 3rd, I had the honor of creating her wedding cake.

Tressa chose a 4-tier cake with a simple dot design, bordered in black ribbon with lavender floral on top along with an "M" monogram.

Rich is an avid "A" class tennis player ... so an ALTA tennis court was in order for his groom cake.

I wish Tressa and Rich much love and happiness for a lifetime.

Music: DJ Tod Peavy
Photo: Shannon Wright Photography, professional photographs were requested 7/4/11Add ImageFloral: Pam Holly
Caterer: Little Gardens
Officiant: Rev. Deanna Lancaster

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
10" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
12" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
9x13" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Bailey's

Friday, July 1, 2011


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