Monday, May 25, 2009

Maalouf-Sabatino, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, 5/24/9


Oh my gosh, what a beautiful venue the Atlanta Botanical Gardens makes. Joyce Maalouf and Joseph Sabatino's reception was held in the Day Building. Add Proof of the Pudding ... Carla Duncan of On Occasions of Atlanta and you've got one great event.

Liz and I created "The Mayan" cake design for Joyce. I had some great curly willow with me and as Liz picked the best, I placed the willow on the cake. Then green and purple orchids were placed here and there. It came out great.

Thanks to Ray and Erica (35 Atlanta) for providing this awesome shot of the wedding cake. The groom cake (the Atlanta Brewing Company logo) photo was taken by a Joyce's friend. The cake was prepared for use during the rehearsal dinner.

After we finished setting up the cake, we toured the Gardens. Liz had never been, so I took delight in showing her around.

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Joe said...

Eileen, i wanted to thank you for making my wedding weekend perfect and sweet:)
first with the Surprise Groom's cake you made for joe, he loved it!!!
as for our wedding cake, from where can i start? the design was one of a kind (thanks for you and Carla Dunkan), the taste was delicious, our guests ate 2-3 pieces and they all told me that it is the first time they enjoy a tastefull wedding cake and i made sure to take a "desert" break and i also had a piece (yummm!!)..i cant wait to order more cakes for future occasions (i cant wait to taste the different combinations you have and i am sure each one is more delicious than the other)..i cant thank you enough for making my wedding day and cake so special..a special thanks to Liz as well and im sure she liked the gardens because it is a picture perfect venue.
All the best to keep up with the good work,

Joyce Maalouf-Sabatino