Monday, August 16, 2010

WEDDING: Mangren-McKay, Private Residence, 8/16/10

This was an intimate wedding for an adorable couple. Syreeta Mangren and Dante McKay married at a private residence in McDonough on a Monday with close friends and family all around them.

I was introduced to Syreeta by one of my former brides turned forever customer, Nacirema. I met with Syreeta and Dante on August 10th and their wedding was six days later. Picking from the colors of their wedding invitation, we designed a simple yet elegant looking cake. Two tiers, springmoss and gold ribbons, and their monogram. I think it came out great.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. McKay !!!

VENDORS: All of her vendors were close friends, but I did get to meet her photographer and will receive a professional shot of the cake.

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
8" - Almond cake filled w/ Grand Marnier Buttercream

Saturday, August 14, 2010

WEDDING: McIntee-Rachford , The Fox Theatre, 8/14/10

When we arrived at the Fox Theatre ... everything was being put in place and everyone was busy .. it was so great to see some of my favoite vendors once again. I think my husband has a little crush on the florist!!! LOL

Meghan McIntee and Matt Rachford married in the Grand Salon of The Fox Theatre ... their reception was across the hall in the Egyptian Ballroom.

Meghan and Matt met with me back in March. At the conclusion of our meeting we had decided on the bridal cake design .. alternating layers of dots and scrolls. Well, about a month later Meghan emailed me and described a new cake design that she had seen ... one with scrolls at the bottom of each layer and dots at the top of each layer. I love how her cake came out .. and now refer to this specific cake design as "Meghan". The full floral cascade added to its beauty.

Matt is a major Georgia Tech fan .... I love creating Buzz.

Music: Lee J Howard
Photo: 35 Atlanta (Can't wait to see Amber and Adam's shots)
Floral: On Occasions of Atlanta - Carla Duncan
Caterer: Affairs to Remember (Dana)
DOC: Sashay Events (Alyssa and Katy)

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Lemon cake filled w/ Lemon
8" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry Buttercream
10" - Lemon cake filled w/ Lemon
12" - FAKE
14" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry Buttercream

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
10" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Coffee Buttercream

FUN CAKES: August 2010

Check out the blog for info on the 5 weddings done in August (so far).... in addition to them, I did the following:

Karibeth was at it again ... Chocolate covered oreos were in order for Faxon's new school year. Perfect for teacher gifts.

It's another basket o' berries for a significant birthday celebration ... instead of strawberries it's a basket of Raspberries (YUM). Chocolate cake filled with a layer of Raspberry and a layer of Raspberry Buttercream, covered in a chocolate buttercream basket and piled high with fresh raspberries

There's more to follow in the next week or so .. stay tuned.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

WEDDING: White-Williams, Taste Restaurant, 8/8/10

This was a very special wedding cake order for me. I met the bride a couple of years ago when I created her daughter Meryl's wedding and groom cakes. So, when Meryl called to tell me of her mom's engagement and subsequent wedding .... I was thrilled and honored.

Marcia White and Llew Williams met the same way Clay and I did ... on the internet !!! She lives here in Georgia; Llew lives in Florida .... now they live in both states. Marcia wanted a small intimate affair ... but her daughters insisted on a little more. So a little restaurant in Roswell called TASTE was reserved for this event.

This was TASTE's first event of many .... and I hope I'll have opportunity to serve them again.

Marcia loved Meryl's wedding cake design ... and although she tried to replicate it exactly, both Meryl and I convinced her to be a little different. So we ended up with a three tier cake, rounded edges (like Meryl's), a wide spaced single dot design and a "W" monogram centered on the 8" tier.

I wish every bit of happiness to Marcia and Llew and hope to see them again in the near future.

Photo: will provide contact info once I receive the professional photo's.

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
All three tiers were Almond cake sprinkled with grand marnier, filled with both a thin layer of raspberry and a thin layer of grand marnier buttercream. Simply devine !!!

WEDDING: Cape-Martin, Flint Hill, 8/8/10

What a gorgeous day it turned out to be ... and an earlier wedding meant less heat and humidity. Flint Hill was the site of Kristi and Calin's wedding and reception. Kristi came to me by recommendation of Ally Haggerty of Unforgettable Soirees. She works for Ally so naturally, Ally was her coordinator. Good move!

Kristi loves the look of a fondant cake, but loves the taste of buttercream better. Her design changed a couple of times, but the end result came out great. I heard that not a crumb was left at the end of her day.

Congratulations, Kristi and Calin !!!

Music: Black Tie Events
Photo: Rebecca Bunch Photography
Floral: Kenneth Reece (personal) and Magic Moments
Caterer: Magic Moments
DOC: Ally Haggerty, Unforgettable Soirees

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
The entire cake was almond cake filled with Blueberry (YUM)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

WEDDING: Deal-King, Park Tavern, 8/7/10

Park Tavern's Piedmont Room was the site of Michelle Deal and Aaron King's wedding ceremony and reception. None of the vendors could arrive until 4:00p as there was another event prior, but when vendors did arrive, the previous wedding had not cleared the venue yet causing a shorter prep time for Michelle and Aaron's venue. Everyone had to step it up, as I'm sure they did.

Michelle knew exactly what design she wanted for her cake .... Different width ribbons of hot pink and bright orange .. Different height cakes too. The top was 6" high; the next was 8" high, the next was 4" high, and the bottom tier was 6" high. Fuscia bunch roses were added making one spectacular cake.

Zoom in and check out the topper ..It's called "The Pinch". Too cute !

Aaron was all about Detroit !!! Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Tigers.

Music: Nick Rhenwick
Photo: Jeff Roffman Photography
Floral: Stylish Stems (Heather Oliver)
Caterer: Park Tavern

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
8" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cream Cheese
10" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
12" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cream Cheese

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
12" - Spice cake filled w/ Grand Marnier Buttercream

WEDDING: Edwards-Rice, In Touch Ministry, 8/7/10

This was my first cake at In Touch Ministries ... what a gorgeous venue. When I get permission, I will do a Vendor Spotlight and provide you with contact info, etc. You'll love it.

Gena Edwards and Mark Rice met with me back in May. I myself am only 5 feet tall .. so really anyone who walks thru my door is automatically taller than I am .. but really, Gene and Mark are the tallest couple that I have had the joy of meeting. Both are very sweet and you can see their love for each other.

After reviewing my portfolio, they agreed on a 5-tier round cake that was both simple and elegant, bordered in Navy ribbon and a wide spaced single dot design.

Music: Ryan Stewart Band
Photo: will provide contact info once I receive the professional photo's.
Floral: Chelsea Floral Design
Caterer: Chef Eric Robb

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
8" - Lemon cake filled w/ Raspberry
12" - White cake filled w/ Raspberry Buttercream
14" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Chocolate Mousse

WEDDING: Unverzagt-Wood, Private Residence, 8/7/10

I never got to meet Aimee (the bride) .. we did all of our business through emails and were introduced by a mutual friend (Molly). Aimee and TJ were already married. Living out of state did not allow many friends/family to attend their ceremony, so they came to Georgia for their party (aka reception).

Aimee didn't want the traditional wedding cake, instead I baked nine (9) dozen red velvet cupcakes, topped with cream cheese icing (of course), and made a (red colored) chocolate heart for each.

Congratulations Aimee and TJ .. thanks for allowing me to play a special role on your special day.