Saturday, April 30, 2011

WEDDING: Ralph-Hansen, Zoo Atlanta, 4/30/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Kristen Ralph and Spin Hansen
VENUE: Zoo Atlanta

I don't know who was looking forward to delivering this cake more ... me or my assistant, Becky. I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to create this cake ... not just for the design (so contemporary; so different), but for the location .... The ZOO !!! They married in the Panda Pavillion, had cocktails with the Gorilla's, then went back to the Panda's for the reception .... how cool is that !!!

Kristen knew exactly what she wanted her cake to look like and I hope I didn't disappoint her. Black and white were her colors ... the Panda's were black and white ... her wedding party wore black and white .... and the cake was black and white (and looked great against this red wall). We were a little disappointed with the floral ... thought they were going to be much larger in size ... but it still came out just fine. The design was a bit contemporary, yet it looked elegant at the same time.

The cake was presented on a black 16" tile .... go ahead, try to find one. You can't !!! So I made it. Purchased a 16" tile (brown), primed it, and painted it with Glossy Black. Not too shabby !

As I was setting up the cake, I noticed some sawdust on the tablecloth ... so I would brush it off and continue set up. The sawdust appears again ... again I would brush it off. The third time it happened, I decided to look up .... to Boring Bee's who were boring into the wood above. One mention to Andrea (Zoo Atlanta) and she called in a wonderful maintenance man who came and filled up those holes so no more sawdust would get near the cake. AWESOME response! Thank you Zoo Atlanta.

So after the cake was all set up, Clay, Becky and I headed out to see just a little portion of the Zoo .. we started with the Panda's. This handsome guy was just chillin'. Becky was waving to him, expecting him to wave back (not). Other than a scratch here and there .. he didn't move. We saw a white peacock, red kangaroo's, and a calico (red/black/blond) hog .. and pink cockatoo's .

This was a delightful way to end April !!! Thank you Kristen and Spin. Wishing you my best.

Music: To the Rescue Entertainment
Photo: Susan Johnson
Floral: Sherri Myers
Caterer: Cafe Sol (Zoo Atlanta)

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - White cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - White cake filled w/ Grand Marnier
10" - White cake filled w/ Bavarian Cream

Saturday, April 23, 2011

WEDDING: Miller-Milton, Founders Hall, 4/23/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Kristina Miller and Greg Milton
VENUE: Founders Hall, Roswell

I met Kristina and Greg back in July of last year. I knew then that Kristina would make a beautiful bride .... and she sure did. Can't wait to see her wedding photo's .. specifically one the photographer asked her to squat, her dress was spread out around her, and had Kristina look up and smile ..... gorgeous !!! Now, if that was me, I would have been stuck in that position in need of much assistance to get back up !!!

Kristina and Greg chose one of my favorite designs for their cake. They did change it a little by making the middle layer taller than the top and bottom. This cake comes out gorgeous all of the time, no matter what venue, no matter what floral is chosen ... it's timeless.

Music: Black Tie Events
Photo: Angel Wings PhotographyAdd ImageFloral: Stems (Heather Kocevar)
Caterer: Talk of the Town

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - 1/2 Marble and 1/2 White cakes filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries
8" - Marble cake filled w/ Chocolate Mousse
12" -White cake filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries

WEDDING: Hawkins-Rogers, Magnolia Hall, 4/23/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Eve Hawkins and Larry Rogers
VENUE: Magnolia Hall (at Piedmont Park)

It has been a while since bringing a cake to Magnolia, so it was good to get back to this venue. It's always a delight to see how differently this facility gets decorated.

I met with Eve and Larry back in October ... their wedding colors were green and hot (fuscia) pink and those colors were prominent with the cake (and her shoes ... hot pink ... AWESOME).

Larry's groom cake was originally going to be the face of UGA ... but a couple of weeks ago, he decided that he wanted to showcase his Irish heritage. Being Irish myself, that was not a problem. This cake design is a celtic cross and the design happens to be on his arm. Loved how it came out !!!

I arrived to pick up my plateau at the end of their evening to watch the bouquet and garter toss and listen to their last dance .... a vintage Rolls Royce was waiting to whisk them away.

Congratulations, Eve and Larry !!!

Music: Black Tie Events
Photo: Jessica Layne Photography
Floral: Stylish Stems (Heather Oliver)
Caterer: Sun in my Belly

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - Almond cake filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries
10" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
12" - Almond cake filled w/ fresh sliced Strawberries

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
10" - White cake filled w/ Bailey's Buttercream

Friday, April 15, 2011

WEDDING: Robinson-Miller, Chateau Elan, 4/15/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Tatiana Robinson and Kirk Miller
VENUE: Chateau Elan, Monte Carlo Ballroom

Tatiana and I have one thing in common .... our maiden name ... Robinson. There is no relation however. She's Russian ... I'm Irish; She's incredibly tall ... I'm vertically challenged.

Tatiana and Kirk met with me back in February. They were making plans for a small intimate wedding and reception. The Monte Carlo Ballroom at Chateau Elan was perfect for their event.

An all-over scroll design combined with a cascade of roses made for a pretty cake.

The wedding was to be on the Matise Lawn at 6:00p .. but Mother Nature had other plans and brought in wind, rain, hail, thunder and lightning. So the wedding was moved inside. That didn't dampen their spirits ... when I arrived later to pick up the plateau everyone was laughing, dancing, and having a wonderful time.

Check out this cool table detail by the staff of Chateau Elan ..... I loved it and couldn't resist taking a picture.

Music: Uptown Entertainment
Photo: Jonathan Harper Photography (
Floral: Dawn Gerth
Caterer: Chateau Elan

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
8" - Carrot filled w/ cream cheese
10" - Almond filled w/ Almond Buttercream
12" - FAKE

Saturday, April 9, 2011

WEDDING: Duckham-Yarbrough, Mason Murer Art Gallery, 4/9/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Jadideah Duckham and Ken Yarbrough
VENUE: Mason Murer Art Gallery, Buckhead

There had been lots of construction on the highway as you head toward Atlanta, so I thought it best that we leave a little early. As luck would have it ... we arrived early to the reception site. No problem ... gave us time to walk through the Gallery. They weren't ready for us anyway and still had to place a rug and seating area and of course the cake table. Instead of waiting 30 minutes however, we waited 1 1/2 hours and finally got to begin working on the cake which was certainly a centerpiece of the reception. I wish I could have had more time placing floral, but we did pretty good getting it up and decorated in 48 minutes.

Jadideah and Ken .... a lovely couple, easy going, lots of fun and wanted their guests to be comfortable and have a great time. Moe's, Varsity, and Krispy Kreme Donuts were just some of the "vendors" supplying food items throughout the entire evening. When I went back at 10:00 to pick up the plateau, they were waiting on Krispy Kreme to get there with some HOT donuts ..... YUM.

The Gallery was such a unique venue to hold a wedding reception ... there was something to see in every nook and cranny that I'm sure kept their guests wondering what was around the next corner.

I got to chat with Jadideah towards the end of her special night ..... she looked lovely and very happy. Ken was no where to be seen ... probably on the dance floor which was rockin'.

Wishing you my very best for much happiness.

Photo: Laura Stone - ArtstarAdd ImageFloral: Tulip (Heather)

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Almond cake filled w/ Almond Buttercream
8" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cream Cheese
10" - Almond cake filled w/ Almond Buttercream
12" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Cream Cheese
14" - Almond cake filled w/ Almond Buttercream

Saturday, April 2, 2011

WEDDING: Smith-Foy, Quails Landing, 4/2/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Desiree Smith and Mike Foy
VENUE: Quails Landing at Little River Plantation, Ashburn, GA

Well, after a week of rainy weather ... it felt great to be traveling to south Georgia (Ashburn) in full sunshine.

I had no idea what to expect when we arrived at Quails Landing, but let me tell you ... I was completely surprised. The grounds are absolutely beautiful. A beautiful lake is the backdrop to an outdoor wedding; there are gorgeous scultures here and there, and even a lodge to stay in.

I found Justin W. (the photographer) around 3:00p by the lake and went to chat with him. He pointed across the lake to a horse (clydesdale) and buggy carrying what would be the future Mrs. Foy. When Desiree arrived and got down from the buggy .... Clay, Becky, and myself ... were tearing up, as she looked absolutely exquisite.

Desiree came to meet with me almost a year ago. Her cake shape was a little different and her floral arrangement for the top cake was very unique. She wanted an off-white icing for the exterior and I should have darkened it a little more, but it still came out great. Pretty pink calla lillies were placed on top with a bow to match the ribbon border. It looked contemporary, yet elegant. Loved it!

Mike's groom cake was a new design for me .. I've done plenty of University of Georgia cakes, but this was the first time for this particular design. Even Clay said I did a pretty good job with the design ....

Music: After Hours
Photo: Justin Wojtczak (375 Photography)
Floral: Wanda Bell
Caterer: Wanda Bell

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
4" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Strawberry Buttercream
8" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Strawberry Buttercream
12" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Strawberry Buttercream

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
12" - Funfetti cake filled w/ Vanilla Buttercream