Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I had a very steady September ... here are just a few of the "extra" items that were created this month:

OREOs: Did I mention that I decorate oreo's? They make a great wedding favor or teacher gift or monogram them for a party .... in any case, they are YUMMY !!! Just ask any of my friends !!!

CUPCAKES: Princess cupcakes were in order for a little girl heading to DisneyWorld and dining with Cinderella and friends. These adorable Bird nest cupcakes were created for a baby shower.

This design was new for me ... a cake in the shape of a Nail Polish bottle for an 8 year old's Spa (birthday) Party. I created an oval shape cake with a round top. Came out pretty good.

Brittany ordered this Georgia Tech cake for her husband's birthday. Happy B-day, Wade.

This cake headed to Clay's office .. Robert Martin who survived 37 years with the State of Georgia, DOT. Happy Retirement, Robert.

I found a new friend in Wanda who ordered this cake for a friend's surprise birthday party.

Yoo-Choe, Chateau Elan, 9/26/9

Who doesn't love Chateau Elan .. it's simply beautiful ... and served as the site of Tammy Yoo and Kiman Choe's wedding ceremony and reception. It was a rainy afternoon, so the ceremony moved from the Matise Lawn to the indoor Atrium. The reception was held in the Elan Ballroom.

Tammy planned this wedding from out of state (Washington, DC). She changed the design of her wedding cake three times ... each cake was beautiful on its own, but when she suggested the third and final design, I asked her to stop looking. I was really looking forward to creating this cake for her. I've done hundreds of cakes, but this one came out beautifully and I have named it "The Harvest". The bottom tier was fake ... the other 3 tiers were alternating vanilla filled with raspberry buttercream and Lemon filled with raspberry. The pears are real and miniature in size, I created marzipan apples and peaches and each layer was surrounded in beautiful floral. I am honored to have created this for Tammy and Kiman.

In addition to the cake, I also created her favors .... a red velvet cupcake frosted with cream cheese icing (naturally) and packaged in a white box, tied up with a purple ribbon. One was placed at each place setting.

Floral: Carla Duncan (On Occasions of Atlanta)
Photo: EJ (Blue World Studios) .. and I simply can not wait to see this cake thru his lens.
DOC: Ally Haggerty (Unforgettable Soirees)
Caterer: Chateau Elan
Baker: me

Greppo-Warhaftig, Renaissance Hotel, 9/19/9

The 25th floor of the Renaissance Hotel was the site of Erica Greppo and Jacob Warhaftig's wedding and reception. Of all of the places I deliver to in the city ... I have to say that the entire staff of the Renaissance has always been very nice and extremely helpful to me - every time ... and believe me, I can't say that for all of the venues that I've been to.

Erica first contacted me back in January, but due to prior commitments (another wedding) I was unable to create her cake. Time passed and my schedule changed ... as it often does. One day, her coordinator, Ally Haggerty called to check my availability, just to check. My schedule had changed such that I was now able to meet with her and Jacob and subsequently create her cake. Things happen for a reason !!!

Clay, Liz, and I delivered a 4-tier cake, each layer 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate filled with hazelnut with alternating single dot and paisley designs. Liz said it was one of the prettiest she has seen. I got to see both Erica and Jacob before the ceremony .. Erica looked beautiful; and Jacob ... handsome and a little nervous.

I wish you both my very best !!!!


Erica was one of my favorite brides. Didn't she look beautiful ... and what a smile !!! Did I mention how talented she is? She has the art of origami in her ... she created her cake topper (two silver origami swans) and take a look at the place cards. The amount of work that Erica did in preparation for this wedding was phenominal. You'll also see a cute shot of Jacob ... relaxing (sleeping) before the ceremony (ha ha ha). Oh, and they shared their love of their Boxers (see photo). Too Cute !!!

Photo: Bryan Scott Photography
Floral: Danielle Curry
Music: Complete Music (Rich)
Caterer: Renaissance
Officiant: Rev. Deanna Lancaster
DOC: Ally Haggerty of Unforgettable Soirees
Baker: me

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rhodes-Wallace, Houston Mill House, 9/12/9

After a relaxing Labor Day weekend off, I was ready to get baking again ..... The Houston Mill House was the site of Millie Rhodes and Jon Wallace's wedding and reception. They met with me back in March and after thumbing thru my portfolio, they found a cake design that fit with their theme beautifully. Branches and a delphinium blue (silver blue) accent color were used throughout the wedding decor.

Their cake was three tiers and filled w/ Baileys (yum) ... but only served 78, so a sheet cake was prepared and brought to the kitchen to be used for "extra servings". To continue with their branch theme ... I hand drew the branches using dark chocolate .... and then added the silver blue accent color.
I tried to see Millie when I went back later that night to pick up my plateau, but she (and Jon) were just too busy dancing and having a great time surrounded by family and friends and I just couldn't get to them. So I hope they were pleased and look forward to seeing them next September for their first anniversary.
Best wishes, Millie and Jon !
Photo: Holly Bond Farrell Photography
Music: Anywhere Music
Floral: Bloom Floral Design
Caterer: Houston Mill House
Cake: me : )

Ready ... Set ..... UPDATE !!!!!

As most of you know, my old (boat anchor) computer crashed on me on September 7th ... it's taken almost a month, but I am thrilled to announce that I am back online, with all of the software I need, my printer is ready, and it's time to start scanning so many pictures for you to see. I'll start updating tonight and should be up to date tomorrow ... so stay tuned (and thanks for your patience and support).