Monday, December 31, 2012

FAREWELL 2012 ... HELLO 2013 !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!   2012 was a phenominal year full of challenges and accomplishments.  I could have sworn I did more (I was so busy), but according to my schedule I ended the year with 53 wedding cakes, 23 groom cakes, and a bunch of "other" cakes in between.  I'm looking forward to what 2013 has to offer. 

THANK YOU to my past, current and future clients ..... I look forward to playing an important role in whatever special event you are planning (weddings/birthdays/babies, etc). 

THANK YOU to the many vendors who I have worked with in the past and will work with in the future.  I consider it an honor to be considered part of the team who make our customer's dreams come true. 

THANK YOU to the many venues who have opened their door to allow me to showcase my talent.

2013 Trends:  Texture, texture, texture ... my goodness just wait until you see what my 2013 brides have planned.    In as much as texture is important .... simple elegance is also. 
The 2013 Wedding season will begin in February for me.   As of today, I have 20 weddings already scheduled for 2013 .. and one 2014 client already.  The month of May will prove once again to be the busiest. 

The cover of my annual portfolio is saved for my first wedding cake of the year ... and I'm thrilled to announce that as of right now the Pierce-Rokicki Wedding (2/9/13) will grace the cover of my 2013 portfolio !!!

Blog Updates:  I've been horrible at updating the blog .... I'm so sorry .. I've created so many wonderful designs and it's a shame you can't see them.  One of my new year resolutions is to create and publish one blog post per day until I'm up to date.  So stay tuned.   Until the blog is updated however, please feel free to find and 'like' Eileen Carter Creations on Facebook.  There you will see what I've been up to. 

Let me introduce you to the people who make up Eileen Carter Creations:

Eileen (aka The Cake Lady) - my Cake Lady nickname was given to me by past clients .. and it has stuck. I've been baking cakes for 25+ years ... I worked for a major corporation for most of those years, able only to create as time permitted. In October 2004 upon returning to work from my honeymoon I received the news that my last day (after 23 years) was December 1st.  I didn't skip a beat and on January 1, 2005, Eileen Carter Creations was launched and I haven't stopped yet. I absolutely LOVE my job.

Clay (The Cake Wrangler) - without his love and support (and brawn) I would not be The Cake Lady. He arrives with a smile and makes all around him smile. He's a hugger ... and often while I'm working on a cake, he can be found giving hugs to his favorite florists, coordinators, and/or photographers.

On behalf of Clay and myself, we wish you a safe and Happy New Year!