Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sometimes, it takes a village ......

I knew June 27th was going to be a busy cake day ... three weddings ... two had changed their reception start times to within 30 mins of each other. How was I going to get from Duluth to Cumming to Chamblee to Alpharetta ... decorate cakes in all spots ... all within two hours ??? You call on your friends ... that's how. Liz is a 2010 bride of mine ... Kelley is a 2007 bride of mine ... both, I consider friends.

I had a great cake prep week .... my new kitchen assistant, Shelby, took care of cleaning all of my pots/pans/bowls ... which believe it or not, really helps me alot and alleviates much stress leaving me with enough time to get my job (cakes) done. With the exception of 4 layers, all of the cakes were done late Friday night .. leaving only 4 layers to finish early Saturday morning. My project management experience of my pre-cake days really paid off this weekend. I created a timeline to get us thru the day .... and it worked. We all wore matching appropriate "cake lady" t-shirts (Clay is the Cake Wrangler; Liz/Kelley were the Cake Lady's assistants; and I, of course, am the Cake Lady).

We did it !!! All cakes were delivered safely and set up on time. Thank you Liz, Kelley, Shelby, and Clay ...... I'm sure we'll do this again soon.

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Helen said...

Glad it all worked out!
Love the shirts!! I want to help so I can have one, too!!!