Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mach-Yee, China Delight, 6/27/9


and the 2nd of 3 deliveries ...

Liz and I arrive at China Delight ... 10 mins off schedule (not bad) ... to find Clay waiting for us in the parking lot. The cake was already inside, waiting for me to construct. Clay's knee was all skinned up however. My first question to him was not 'honey, are you ok?' but ... "Did you fall with a cake in your hands?" He assured me he did it all buy himself .. no cake layer was involved. PHEW !!! (he and his knee are fine).

China Delight is located on Chamblee-Tucker Road. By day, the building is white, with a blue roof. By night, however, it changes into a Neon red/green/yellow building. It is on a dark stretch of the road ... hardly any lighting. I'm sure the owners of China Delight felt they had to make it stand out and be noticed .. and they did. You can't miss it. Once you get out of your car, the aroma draws you inside. YUM YUM YUM.

I think Tuquen Mach and Benny Yee had three ceremonies ... the first was held in the morning and was a traditional asian ceremony; the second held early afternoon for immediate family; and the third was later in the afternoon .... so after all the formality, it was time to celebrate. Tuquen hired John Bravy (Go With The Flow DJ services) to provide the music and Ally Haggerty (Unforgettable Soirees) to make sure everything happened that was supposed to.

I was looking forward to this one. The cake looked great in my refrigerator ... each tier on a different shelf .. I knew it would look great all together. Tuquen came to me with a set design in mind. A delicate twig with baby pink and hot pink flowers, bordered in hot pink ribbon.

It was tough to take a photo of this cake ... as it was on a "stage", on a table, and 5-tiers tall. I hope Tuquen was pleased.

Best wishes, Tuquen and Benny.

I had sent Clay off to meet up with Kelley who was delivering the 3rd and final cake of the day. Liz and I headed to ... The Arbors.


KLS said...

LOVE the way this one turned out :)

Shannon Wright said...

Love this design! You rock!

Eileen said...

Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2009 5:41 PM
From: Tuquyen Mach
To: Eileen M. Carter

Hi, Eileen!

Benny and I wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did on our cake! And it was so exciting to read about it on your blog! :-)

Thanks again, and we'll be seeing you next year!

All the best,
Tuquyen and Benny