Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I receive many emails and phonecalls for cake requests other than weddings. So to give you some ideas for a child's next birthday party; or if you're giving a baby shower and need ideas for the cake; or perhaps you just want a pretty cake for some occasion.... and to just show you some "non-wedding" cakes that I've done .... take a look at a couple of new sections:

KIDS CORNER will have cakes of all kinds specifically created for Children of all ages.
BABYCAKES will have cakes created for baby showers
PULL-A-PART CAKES ... made from cupcakes ... just grab n' go ... no cake cutting needed.
HELLO, CUPCAKE !!! Cupcake designs for all occasions.
***NEW *** JUST PLAIN PRETTY ... these were created for bridal showers, feminine birthdays, etc.
COLLEGE ... Looking for a college logo ?
PRO LEAGUE .... My interpretation of pro-Baseball / Hockey / Football logo's
*** NEW *** JUST FOR FUN .. I didn't really have a category for these, but they are fun cakes.

Some are still under construction, but I'll have them up soon.

I hope you enjoy browsing .....

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