Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brown-Guynn, The Georgian Terrace, 6/13/9

Avery Brown and Jeff Guynn had planned on holding their reception at The City Grill ... but 8 days before their wedding, City Grill closed their doors ... gone ... out of business !!!! After much irritation and scrambling to find another venue ..... The Georgian Terrace came thru for them. It was just plain luck that their Piedmont Ballroom was available. Same time, different place.
Avery and Jeff came with a specific design in mind. Often, brides come to me with "Martha Stewart" designs that look incredible only in a magazine - this cake was one of them. It honestly concerned me that such a tall cake would fit on a pedestal cake stand and not fall over. Even the dimensions of the cake were different .... 7", 8", 9" and 10" Round cakes. The cake had to be straight and level ... and it was. Once I arrived, and faced my fears (the pedestal stand), the cake went together beautifully. My only hope was that the cake table wasn't moved/bumped for any reason.

The top tier was 3 inches high .. the other 3 tiers each were 6 inches in height. A flat finish with a 1 5/16" black ribbon border .... it was so elegant.

Congratulations to you, Avery and Jeff. See you in a year.

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