Sunday, June 28, 2009

Siewart-Anderson, The Arbors, 6/27/9

The third and final delivery of the day ....

We (Liz and I) arrive at The Arbors. Kelley and Clay were already there ... the cakes were already inside. I got straight to work constructing a cake I call "All Dressed Up" for April Siewart and Josh Anderson. April chose a moss green color for the triple fold ribbon detail. It's a pretty cake.

Once constructed, it was time to place the flowers. I asked the staff at The Arbors for the cake floral ... they looked around and we all determined it was the large yellow and white roses the florist had left that looked like a border at the base of the cake. Those roses would have been fine, but the florist had totally cut the stems off each rose, leaving just the head of the flower. I checked my paperwork, and realized that the bride wanted white roses with green hydrangea on her cake ... there was no hydrangea left for me to use, so we improvised. First, we inserted toothpicks into the white roses to give me something to anchor the roses into/on the cake. Then we carefully snipped green hydrangea from the centerpieces to give me enough for the cake - I'm sure no one noticed. We turned the stemless yellow roses into beautiful rose petals.

When I went back for the plateau later in the evening (11:00), their DJ had every single person up and moving. I didn't even get a chance to sneak a peak at the happy couple.

Best wishes, April and Josh.

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