Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moretti-Berger, Primrose Cottage, 6/14/9

By far, Meryl is one of my very favorite brides. She is such a sweetie .. always has something nice to say.

Meryl Moretti and Jeffrey Berger couldn't have asked for a better day to be married. The sky was overcast which made for a perfect outdoor wedding day .. not too hot ... and the sun wasn't blaring to make everyone squint for pictures !!!

Their wedding cake was white cake filled with cherry and iced in cream cheese icing. YUM YUM YUM !!! Their second (8") cake was fake which provided approx 100 servings. Alternating dot and scroll patterns and rounded edges made this cake so pretty.

Now, the Groom cake ..... How cool was it that Jeffrey's favorite team won the championship two days before he got married !!! GO PENGUINS !!!!! 2009 Stanley Cup Champions !!!!! While I was setting up their cakes, three big tall guys who work for Primrose came by and noticed the Pittsburgh Penguin cake ... one of them said .. why couldn't you have made a Detroit cake? I (without thinking) said "because they're losers". Well, luckily they laughed, but Clay thought he would have to protect me from 3 young guys. LOL.

When I was finished with the cakes, I just had to find Meryl ... and I did .. and she looked gorgeous.

Thank you for being so sweet. I'll see you in a year, if not sooner.

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Eileen said...

Re: 1st Wedding Anniversary Coupon
Wednesday, June 17, 2009 2:37 PM
From: Meryl Moretti
To: Eileen M. Carter


You are amazing!! Not only do you make the best cakes I have EVER tasted, but you are the sweetest person on earth! Thank you for writing such a nice blog. I will definitely be a life long customer of yours and so will all of my friends. :)

Thank you for helping to make our wedding so special and unique! I will send you a link to pictures when they are up online.

Thanks again!
Mrs. Meryl K Berger. :D