Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scipioni-Warchol, Windemere Golf Club, 6/27/9

The 1st of 3 deliveries ...

Oh my gosh, what a busy day !!! Liz and I headed to my first of three deliveries of the day ... Windemere Golf Club in Cumming, for the wedding and reception of Jen Scipioni and David Warchol While I was setting up their cake, I noticed David walking around, still in casual clothing and wearing a baseball cap. He made it over to the cake table to tell me how beautiful the cake looked and to thank me.

This was my first trip to Windemere ... I can see why it's popular .. the large room is simply decorated, large windows provide a beautiful golf course view .. giving any bride the opportunity to personalize it any way they want. Jen chose Aqua and Hot Pink and White as her color scheme. Tables had Aqua sashes / white linens / and her centerpieces were adorable ... picture white boxes, with a single aqua ribbon around the box and tied into a bow. The center of the box had a hurricane shade/candle and at the base of the hurricane in the box ... hot pink roses. Too cute. I'm sorry I didn't take a photo, but I know the photographer did - I'll try to get a copy and post it later. By the way, I think Jen's mom played a dual role of Mother of the Bride AND Florist.

The cake was also White/Hot Pink/Aqua .... white buttercream, bordered in hot pink and aqua ribbons. Everything looked so well put together. The cake design was my "Molly" design .. different dot design on each layer.

When we arrived, the heat of the day was causing the sky to darken ... and thunder rumbled .... but by the time we were finished, the "storm" went around us, leaving a warm sunny day for the outdoor ceremony of Jen and David.

This was a first time working with this vendor: BIG THANKS to Pam Jones of Paris Mountain Photography ( the quick turnaround on these cake pics ... great job !!! I'm sure I'll be seeing you again in the near future.
Clay has already left home and headed to the site of my second delivery ... and Liz and I follow.

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Jen said...

Thank you so much Eileen! The cake looked great and tasted wonderful. My sister saved me 2 small pieces so I could try the diff. layers. People were going back for 2nd and 3rds to try all the flavors!

Jen Warchol