Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jackson-Williams, Lambert Place, 4/25/9

Have you ever seen the "ceremony room" at Lambert Place? It's gorgeous !!! I've delivered to Lambert in the past, but never saw (or had a bride that used) their ceremony room.

My day started early with a 9:30/10:00a delivery for the reception of Carmen Jackson and Jason Williams.

Carmen's colors were a coral and a redish-coralish color. Her cake details were in the coral color and her border was done in the redish color. I colored the fondant bow specifically for her using a mix of red and orange dusting powders.

Perfect Petals was her florist ... and I must say the centerpieces were quite unique and had a tropical flare .... very cool.

Cliff Robinson was the photographer ..... will post pro shot and contact info upon receipt.

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