Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bigum-Huttman, Dunwoody Country Club, 4/4/9

My third and final delivery of the day brought us to the Dunwoody Country Club for the wedding reception of Lindsey Bigum and Dan Huttman. When you walk into the massive ballroom ... the only color you see is a soft gold ... from the curtains that draped the huge windows to the wallpaper to the floor .... so that means, any color that you are working with will work beautifully with the room decor. In Lindsey's cake, she used blue, green, and white. Heather Oliver ( brought in blue hydrangea mixed with green orchids and white roses ..... just beautiful.

Lindsey's cake was unique ... A thinner than usual black ribbon bordered each layer ... the top and third layers were decorated with a single dot design; but on the second and bottom layers I did my best to copy a specific scroll pattern that she had on her invitation. It was very elegant when it was all together. I hope she was happy with it.

Heidi Gladhauser (from Labor of Love) provided this photo .... Thank you, Heidi.

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Eileen said...

From: Lindsay Bigum

The cake was wonderful and we got many compliments! I look forward to the one year anniversary cake.. yummy!!