Sunday, April 5, 2009

Forsythe-Pilson, Biltmore Hotel, 4/5/9

After all deliveries on Saturday we arrived home at 8:30p and I headed straight to bed ... I slept 12 hours straight, got up and sang in an Easter program at Church, came home to meet with one of my 4/18 brides, and before I knew it, it was time to head downtown for my last delivery of the weekend. WOW .. What a weekend.

I was really looking forward to creating Johnie Forsythe and David Pilson's wedding cake .. the special part of their design was a verse from the Bible from 1 Corinthians 13:4 that would be handwritten on the 2nd tier ... Love is Patient, Love is Kind, and envies no one. A couple of months ago, Johnie had attend a Bridal Show and entered a drawing for a FREE Four Season's cake ... and she won !!! So, I lost the wedding cake (bummer) ... but kept the groom cake order and added a rehearsal dinner cake.

So on Saturday, before my wedding deliveries, we stopped at Steel Restaurant to drop off a vanilla cake filled w/ Grand Marnier frosted in vanilla buttercream with their monogram on the top for their rehearsal dinner.

Johnie and David's wedding and reception were at the Biltmore. David wanted his fraternity paddle created as his groom cake. It was Red Velvet cake filled with cream cheese. I dropped it off around 4:30p. Johnie had asked me to find her when I arrived so off I went .... I was stopped however by a "guard" posted at the door who worked for the wedding coordinator who refused me access to the bride.

Shannon Wright ( has such quick turnaround on her pics .... enjoy. Thanks, Shannon.

Congratulations, Johnie and David !!!

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Eileen said...

From: "Johnie Pilson"
To: "Eileen M. Carter"

Thank you so much! The cakes were delicious!

don't worry...we'll be seeing you next year for an anniversary cake!! We aren't done with the cake lady yet! :) (smile!)

Have a great day!!