Saturday, April 4, 2009

Keys-Sherwood, Old Pace House, 4/4/9

My first of three deliveries of the day ..... Logan Keys and Tim Sherwood. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten how quaint the Old Pace House in Vinings is .... it's perfect for the smaller size wedding/gathering (100 max is my guess). Logan and Tim had a perfect Spring day for their wedding .. in fact, it was getting a little warm. When we arrived, everyone was busy doing what they do best .... the caterer (Low Country BBQ) and florist (family friend) were setting up ... Ally Haggerty ( was busy making sure all of the "details" were perfect, and Logan .... calm, cool, collected .. hair all done up and in a pair of jeans ... was walking around saying hello to everyone. I was busy adding the border on her cake when she got to me and I got the nicest hug from her. I had changed the groom cake design (went from a 1/4 sheet cake with a small Mountain Dew can on top to a 1/4 sheet cake turned into a huge Mountain Dew can) ... and she loved it.

Speaking of cake ..... if the wedding cake tasted anything like how it smelled while baking it or while putting it together ... all were going to enjoy it. Each layer was 1/2 strawberry cake; 1/2 vanilla cake filled with chocolate buttercream (Neopolitan - chocolate/vanilla/strawberry). YUMMY. A black ribbon bordering each layer combined with a 3-dot and 2-dot pattern and red and orange gerbera daisy's make a great looking cake ... and my "favorite cake" pick of the weekend.

The groom cake was chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream ..... Tim loves Dew .. hates the new Dew logo, but the product is what counts. So the old Dew logo went on his larger than life cake.

When I finished setting up, I went to find Ally to let her know that I was done and leaving for my next delivery ..... I found her (with the bride, of course) and got to meet Logan's mom and got to see Logan in her dress .. strapless, form fitting in the middle and lots of material ... she looked so pretty.

Lisette Price of lisette Price Photography ( provided the awesome shots of the cakes. Thank you, Lisette.
Congratulations LOGAN and TIM !!!!! Happiness always.

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Logan said...

Eileen! Thank you so much!! We all loved the cakes and I am so glad we got to work with you. You're so sweet and kind-hearted and I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and of course for any future cakes we may need.

Best wishes,