Saturday, September 17, 2011

WEDDING: Cook-Piede, The Georgian Terrace Hotel, 9/17/11

BRIDE and GROOM: Amanda Cook and Tony Piede
VENUE: The Georgian Terrace Hotel

I had been so looking forward to this weekend. I had two cakes to create ... two very different designs ... both gorgeous.

Our first delivery resulted in my adding one more question to the final details email that I send out to my brides: What room is your reception in?

It was good to be back at the Georgian Terrace .. hadn't been there in years. When we arrived at the loading dock, I asked security which room the Cook wedding was in ... he said: The Grand Ballroom. We even got a personal escort. When we got everything ready to set up the cake, I looked around the room and something didn't feel right .... Amanda's colors were Navy and Ivory ... the sashes on the chairs were ivory, but I didn't notice the Navy details .. so I went up to the room coordinator and asked, is this the correct room for the Cook wedding? He said "Yes", so Becky and I began constructing the cake. We were almost done when a gentleman (guest) asked "is this the Miller wedding?" I said "No, it's the Cook wedding" He said "well, the sign outside says Miller". PANICK ..... I went back to the room coordinator and asked again: "Is this the Cook wedding?" He said, "I already told you once ..." I said "well check again, because that guy over there said it was the Miller wedding". He looked and what do you know .,. he was incorrect, I had the cake set up in the WRONG ROOM. Luckily, this was a 3 tier cake and Becky grabbed the cake and walked it down to the right room. I followed with all of our supplies/boxes and the room was a perfect match to the cake. Lots of Navy. The cake looked gorgeous in it's right place.

Back to the truck to deliver cake #2 .....

I met with Amanda back in May ... she definitely knew what her cake would look like. Three tiers, the second higher than the top and bottom ... an ivory exterior, navy blue beads (which were navy sixlets ... chocolate candies), navy blue and ivory floral. I am quite pleased at how this cake turned out. Definitely a statement cake.

Congratulations to Amanda and Tony. See you on your 1st Anniversary !!!

Music: Kurth Scobie
Photo: Andy McBride (professional photographs were requested 9/17/11
Floral: Perfect Petals
Caterer: Georgian Terrace

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Carrot cake filled w/ Cream Cheese
8" - FAKE
10" - Carrot cake filled w/ Cream Cheese

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