Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hi - it was a fairly light week ... call it the calm before the storm.

In addition to meeting with 3 clients on Sunday, it was time for Megan and Jeremy's wedding ... read about them in the Wedding: Vosburgh-O'Heron 4/24 post.

Also created this Baptism cake which was brought to the reception site. This customer lives in the Athens area and I was heading to Winder .... it was easier for her to pick it up in Winder than coming all the way to my place. It was a slate blue color with dark fudge accent and white dots.

I'm late to get these posted, enjoy the rest of the week .. watch for more photo's after Saturday. My schedule is beginning to get busy ....


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Eileen said...

Date: 4/27 at 10:49a
From: Rachel Harvey
To: Eileen Carter

The cake was beautiful, and everyone enjoyed it and complimented it! Thank you so much for doing it for us! :)

I've attached some photos of the cake.

Thanks again,
Rachel Harvey