Saturday, April 10, 2010

WEDDING: Balachandran-Bradley, Old Decatur Courthouse, 4/10/10

Clay was busy with church responsibilities this weekend, so Connie and Delores gave me a hand delivering this one. As a vendor, I'm not so wild about the Old Decatur Courthouse. There is only one (old) elevator, and very limited parking ... but, once you get inside and upstairs to the white/grey marble ballroom ... you are sold !!! It makes a beautiful venue for a wedding.

Kavitha Balachandran and Hunter Bradley met with me about a year before their wedding. Kavitha knew exactly what her cake would look like. We call it "Henna Heaven" !!! I had no experience with Henna designs, so Kavitha periodically sent me "inspiration" .... she sent me the henna design that was to be placed on her hands; and other photo's. So I took a few designs from here and there and created this specifically for her. It was a bright Maroon, burnt orange, and teal in color and it took five hours to put the design on the cake.

I got to see Kavitha and Hunter when I went back later that evening for the plateau. The joint was jumpin'!!! and Kavitha and Hunter looked so happy.

Wishing you every happiness !!!

Thanks for the quick turnaround on the cake shot, Jamie Howell.
In fact, Kavitha and Hunter's wedding was so colorful .. all of their pictures are great.

Photographer: Jamie Howell Photography
Music: The Backbeat
Floral: Sho Sho Designs
Caterer: Endive
DOC: Yolanda Sample (Exquisite Events)
Cake: Eileen Carter Creations :)

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