Sunday, August 2, 2009


Let's start with last weekend .....

Tiffany (of LaCheri Events) ordered a Baby (boy) Shower cake and cupcakes for her client. The cake was covered in blue (candy) baby feet and the cupcakes coordinated.

Leah was celebrating her BIG 3-0 !!! and wanted me to create a specific cake using the colors from her new celebration dress of dark Teal, Aqua, and Blue.

THIS WEEKEND ..... Karibeth headed to South Carolina with a cute Baby (girl) Shower cake and cupcakes in tow. I topped the cake with an arrangement of silk tea roses. I also created oreo cookie favors (but forgot to take a photo ... will do so and post later).

Rev. D (Deanna Lancaster) ordered a baby (girl) shower cake for her Niece. I added the icing booties to the top of a pretty popular cake of dots and stripes. Rev. D loved it !!!