Friday, July 31, 2009

Risque Boudoir by 519 Photography ,,, Redefining Inappropriate

In 20 days, my friend Meredith Wullkotte, will begin a new chapter in her professional life. Meredith has been in the wedding industry for many years ... she's done (and still does) Day of Coordination (; she's always had a great eye for photography (didn't shoot weddings, but certainly family, child, pregnancy, etc ( and now she's about to embark on an incredible journey ... boudoir photography !!!!

I've seen her work and it's absolutely beautiful. It's not nudity .. it's not trashy .. it's incredibly appropriate. I'm behind her 100%, in fact, I will be not only a vendor at her event (supplying sweet treats), but also a client. This talent of hers ... makes a perfect wedding gift from a bride to her groom; an anniversary gift (which is what I'm doing it for); or if you just want to celebrate the woman that you are .... young or not so young ..... you will never feel so beautiful.

No, I will NOT post my b-pics .... but Meredith will crop one shot of me specifically to post on my blog.

Risque Boudoir by 519 Photography will be introduced during a by invitation only launch party on Thursday, August 20th. If you are or know of someone who is a professional in the wedding, beauty, and/or fashion industry who could help spread the word about Risque and would like to be included in this invitation only event, please contact: and mention this blog post.

If you would like to become a client of Risque ..... GO FOR IT !!!!! I am !!!

Congratulations and best wishes to you Meredith .... go and redefine inappropriate !!!!!

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