Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another busy week !!!!!

I really need to stop for a day or two and/or slow down a little. I'm getting pretty tired. This week was just as crazy as last, but everything got out the door on time.

Friend Geoff celebrated his 30th birthday friday night .... my donation to the party was cupcakes for dessert ... Lemon filled with raspberry .. lemon filled with Lemon .. almond filled w/ Baileys.

Karibeth ordered cupcakes for Faxon's teacher's birthday who is a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, so I created a pull-a-part cupcake cake for her with the Falcon logo ....

I was asked to create my friend Kelley's birthday cake (by her mom). Kelley turned the ripe old age of 29 and needed a little chocolate cake filled w/ Baileys. Decorated in green, hotpink, and white .. it came out cute.

Noelle came by early early Saturday morning (8:00a) to pick up a bridal shower cake. It was a vanilla cake filled w/ Baileys. Decorated in blue with a multicolor bow.

My Baileys filling was very popular this week (Thanks, Ashley).

All of this plus two weddings, anniversary cakes, and tasting appointments, makes Eileen one tired Cake Lady ...... so ... I have a couple of cakes early this next week, and then Clay and I are taking the weekend off to spend with friends to rest and eat out and play cards/board games and laugh. I can't wait !!!

I hope you all have a safe and restful Labor Day weekend ...... See you in September.

Weekend wedding pictures and details will be posted later ....