Monday, August 31, 2009

Shershin-Cook, Atlanta Athletic Club, 8/29/9

Starting with my next wedding delivery (September 12th). I'm going to start taking photo's of the front of the venues .... some that I have visited are just as beautiful outside as they are inside and you need to see them !!!!!

This was the first delivery of the day ... Clay, Liz, and I travelled to the Atlanta Athletic Club in Duluth to set up the cake for the Shershin-Cook reception. When I walked into the ballroom I was taken with it's size .... huge and beautiful. The first thing that caught my attention was this enormous floral arrangement (by Andi Beach & Associates Floral) ... believe me when I tell you that my photo does NOT do it justice. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Then I noticed the location of the cake table. Martha Shershin kept telling me that the cake was going to play a major roll of decoration at the reception. She wasn't kidding. It was situated in front of two columns, that were draped with luscious fabric .. and very noticeable. Her design was a simple one .. simple yet elegant ... off-white in color, 5-tiers, each layer decorated with a triple dot design. Roses were placed on top and here and there and a huge amount of petals at the base (with votives). It looked great. In fact, when Clay went back later that evening to pick up the plateau, he was told "that everyone loved the cake and ate every bit of it" .. Now, that's a compliment. I'm sure the cake shot from Lamar Gee (their photographer) will be better than mine ..... will let you know as soon as I receive it.

Thank you Martha and Fred. My best wishes to you both.


Before I get into the details ... Liz (and Kelley) have been helping with my deliveries here and there ... well, today I kind of surprised Liz and let her practice stacking the cakes ... I knew everything would be OK, I was right there to assist, encourage, and fix if needed .... to quote Liz after a couple of layers ... "this looks easier than it actually is". Thanks, Liz for being willing to "try". Next it's Kelley's turn (shhh, don't tell her).

On to details ................
In addition to that incredible floral arrangement ..... a couple of other items caught my attention. We've all seen wrought iron candle holders .. but there were these incredibly tall wrought iron candle holders at some tables (the size of the room could handle them nicely). Looked great. Then I really thought the seat assignment cards were laid out beautifully with a row of red glass votives at the back of the table ... cards all lined up with petals in between each row. It looked great.

Photo: Lamar Gee (
Floral: Andi Beach
Music: Mike Vela Band (E. Coast Entertainment)
Caterer: Atlanta Athletic Club
DOC: Daria MacGregor - Circle of Love Weddings
Cake: me

On to delivery #2 .....

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