Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sewell-Spurgeon, Chota Falls, 8/8/9

When Kristen Sewell and Kyle Spurgeon came to meet with me in early July, Kristen arrived with an Atlanta Weddings magazine in hand ... she had a set idea of what her cake would look like. Her cake was four tiers, white cake filled with cookies n' cream (yum). The exterior had a flat finish and an Amethyst ribbon and bow detail at the top of each layer .. very different. Purple and white hydrangea cascaded softly on either side of the bow. When I have a cake that is a little different, a little special .. I often assign a name to it (i.e., "The Mayan", "Molly", "All Dressed Up", etc). This cake fit that criteria and will be forever referred to as "Kristen".

Kyle's cake was a smaller version of my "Tower of Chocolate" cake .... smaller only in size, not taste or presentation. "The Kyle" was a two tier hexagonal chocolate cake filled with Bailey's, frosted in chocolate buttercream and adorned with 4 boxes of Godiva chocolates. YUMMY !!! I tried to get the groomsmen (who were standing around the table) to help me place all of the chocolates, but they all refused stating that they would probably eat the chocolates before they got on the cake.

Oh, and check out this cool shot of Kristen and Kyle's rings on top of the groom cake that I just received from their photographer (Cariad Photography). Awesome.

Kristen was to arrive at the Waterfall (ceremony site) in a horse-drawn carriage. I was lucky enough to get the chance to see her (and grab this picture) as she waited to make her entrance. She looked beautiful.

Much happiness to you both, Kristen and Kyle.


I love being given the opportunity to deliver cakes to Chota Falls. It's located in Clayton, GA in Rabun County .. and happens to be located just down the road from my brother, Jim.. So we not only got to take a nice ride, but we got to spend some time with Jim and Kay also.

Chota has gone thru major renovations ... it certainly isn't the same Chota that I fell in love with when I first began delivering up there 4-5 years ago. They still have lodging, still have the Chapel, still have the bonfire pit and still have the Pub. The major change is that they went from an outdoor venue to an elaborate two story indoor venue. I'm sure their website is full of photo's, but here's mine taken from the corner of the room. Big Changes ... for the better.


Music: Jessee Giles (
Photography: Steffi Smith ( Go check out their work at
Planner: Nicole Kubon - Little Girls Big Dream (
Caterer: Chota (
Cake: me


Eileen said...

From: Steffi Smith
To: Eileen M. Carter

Hi Eileen........... Your cakes were beautiful .............and it is my pleasure to send you the photos ..... we all work together to make the couples day special.

By the way the guests really enjoyed the grooms cake :)


LGBDevents said...

Hey Eileen! Thank you much for a great job on the cakes. The couple loved them. I will refer you again very soon!