Monday, November 3, 2008

Worsdell-Dickerson, Park Tavern, 11/2

Today. I gladly slept an extra hour .... After church, and final wedding prep, we headed to Park Tavern for the reception of April Worsdell and James Dickerson. Their cake was only 3 tiers, but each was 6 inches in height .. put it on a hightop table, with a thick plateau, and you've got one big cake. I drew the floral stems, and then placed fresh Orange dahlia's and purple lisianthus on top of each stem. It's a stunning cake. The groom, who's nickname is Dickie, requested the Dickie's logo (without the "S") for his groom cake.

Photos courtesy of RaeJen Photography ( Aren't these photo's awesome. This was my first experience with this photographer, and had heard very good comments about them. Well, I'm here to tell you that they exceeded my expectations. I had a very difficult time choosing a shot for my portfolio and the blog ... so I requested a bunch of online images to share with you. Will update as soon as I receive them.
This day was bitter sweet for me ..... while I set up my cakes, I remove my wedding ring set and give them to Clay to hold. Well, when we got home I asked for my rings, he reached into his pocket and pulled out my wedding band, then he reached into his pocket again, and a look of panic came across his face ... my engagement ring was gone. I've been to Park Tavern a couple of times since Sunday ... walking the path Clay took to the car ... no luck. So, someday should you find yourself at Park Tavern, look down and hopefully you'll find my ring for me. I will always remember this wedding, as it is the day I lost my engagement ring. (sad).


Logan said...

So sad...did you contact the park to see if anyone turned it in? or at least let them know you lost it there? I don't know what good it will do...

Love the blog!

Eileen said...

I made a flyer with a picture of the ring and it is at Park Tavern. If its meant to be, I'll find it.

I LOVE MY BLOG TOO .. am having lots of fun with it.