Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here are a few cakes for all of the Star War fans out there ..... Back in September, Karibeth's son, Faxon, celebrated his 6th birthday in Star Wars style. There was even a magician who dressed like a dessert trooper and he also brought along an animated R2D2 and CP3O .. he was really cool. The cake was really cool too. It's all edible (except for the arms).

In November, I got to create a Darth Vader cake for another Star Wars themed birthday party. I thought it came out great.

Will CP3O be next ???? Gosh, I hope not. Well, it wasn't CP3O, but it was a Clone Trooper (not to be confused with a Storm Trooper). It's good guy vs. bad guy; and the Clone Trooper has a blue stripe down the front of his mask. Got the chance to create the Clone Trooper back in December.

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