Saturday, November 8, 2008

Keen-Bennett, Silverbell Pavillion, 11/8/8

Back to back weddings at Silverbell .. last weekend and this weekend. Julie Keen and Clay Bennett ..... I'm doing so many "different" cakes this year ... Their wedding cake was unique in shape. Loved how it came out ... so clean/elegant. The entire reception was done in black and white ..... gorgeous.

I had never met a man who openly admitted that he was a fan of "GI JOE" .... until I met Clay. So naturally, I had to create a GI Joe groom cake ... but not your normal GI Joe .. it was a futuristic GI Joe. The entire cake was carrot ... and will be filed under "lessons learned". Don't sculpt using Carrot cake ... huge waste of a good cake (had to cut away lots), and it doesn't cut clean (probably because of the pineapple). This was my one and only attempt at a futuristic GI Joe. It will never be done again (by me).

Photo's courtesy of Blue World Studios (EJ and Janet).

On my way out, I ran into their DOC (Ally Haggerty) who was good enough to lead me to a balcony overlooking the courtyard of the Emory Conference Center where I got to see and listen to a portion of Julie and Clay's wedding ..... Julie looked gorgeous. Thanks, Ally.

UPDATE: I've been blogged by EJ of Blue World Studios .... Here's the link:

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