Saturday, November 22, 2008

Desormeaux-Bryan, The Peachtree Club, 11/22/8

Sara and Michael Bryan were referred to me by one of my April '08 brides, Heather Geib-Gammon. Thank you, Heather.

This was my first "performance" at The Peachtree Club. It's on the 28th floor of 999 Peachtree Street. It has a gorgeous view of the city, leather seats, and dark wood. The cake table set up was quite different. It (the cake) has to be on a high table covered with linen and placed directly underneath a chandelier. Sara had originally requested a 5-tier cake, but after their final venue meeting, decided to drop one tier as they thought the cake wouldn't fit. They were right and I'm glad we went to a 4-tier. Their cake topper was meant to be placed to the side of the cake, and it's a good thing as it wouldn't have fit on the top (because of the chandelier).
Their wedding cake had a different element .... a rounded top. Would have been a "piece of cake" .. no punn intended ... to have used rolled fondant to cover this cake ... but we all know how much I dislike fondant. I worked and worked with my buttercream at smoothing the rounded edge (it wasn't easy), and finally was satisfied with it.
The Groom cake is called "Tuxberry" .... it was a 2-tier chocolate cake filled w/ sliced strawberries. Frosted in fudge icing and adorned with chocolate covered TUXEDO strawberries. I love how the tuxedo berries came out.

Professional photo's provided by the bride (Thank you, Sara).

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