Saturday, November 22, 2008

McGrew-O'Connor, Lambert Place, 11/22/8

Shortly before Ellen and Jeff's tasting appointment, I had arrived home from Costco with my weekly 50 pound bag of confectioners sugar. I had left the back gate of my truck open, and had gone into the house. When they arrived, Jeff noticed my gate open ... and offered to bring in that 50 pound package. I didn't have to ask, he offered. Very nice.

When Clay and I arrived at Lambert Place to set up the cake, it didn't look like a sole was around ... Ally Haggerty (their DOC) was at the church, there were no cars, no outside lights ... but when I opened the door and heard the band practicing .. I knew I was in the right place. This was my first "performance" at Lambert Place. It's an odd-shaped venue inside ... kind of an "L" shape. A long rectangular area for tables, with the dance floor off to the right.

Ellen's colors were dark brown and I think green .... the 4-tier cake was bordered in dark brown ribbon and I placed gorgeous green dendrobium orchids (large and small) on the top.

Ellen and Jeff O'Connor .. two very sweet people who definately belong with each other.

Photos by Kristi Odom (

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