Saturday, May 15, 2010

WEDDING: McNeese-Tongren, Barnsley Gardens, 5/15/10

I told Clay that we were heading to Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville for one of my Saturday wedding deliveries ..... but it wasn't until we arrived and the security guard mentioned "the ruins" that Clay got very excited and proceeded to give me the whole history of the ruins, etc. So while I was busy decorating, he was snooping all over the place and he filled me in about what he had seen while on the way home. He had a great time.

Sabrina McNeese and Peter Tongren met with me early in the year and they settled on a cake I call "The Mayan" (aka "the stick cake"). No matter where I set it up, or what flowers are used, it always comes out looking great. Just make sure to order enough flowers for this cake .... when I asked the florist for the cake flowers, she presented me with eight (8) flowers ..... I thought it was a joke, but no ... only 8 flowers were ordered. Not nearly enough. So I mentioned to the coordinator that I was going to have to borrow some from from other arrangements to finish the cake ... not a problem, so I did.

The weather proved to be an issue for this couple, there was plenty of thunder and rain in the forecast and pop up showers all around them. Their reception area was safe and dry from the elements however. They had a clear tent set up (I had never seen a clear tent before .. always white). It looked awesome. You still got the weather security of the tent, but you could see the trees/landscape.

Thanks to Eliana Baucicault ( .. Sabrina refered to her as her "right hand girl" ... for being willing to bring home my wooden plateau so that I wouldn't have to wait up there 6 hours in order to grab it and then head home.

Congratulations to Sabrina and Peter !!! See you next year (for your 1st Anniversary).

Will post pro pics as soon as I receive them.

Photographer: Cake photo request fulfilled by Bride
Music: BandX (wish I had gotten a chance to listen to them)
Floral: Perfect Petals
Coordinator: Eliana Baucicault - By Your Side Events
Cake Flavor/Filling: each tier was 1/2 Chocolate and 1/2 Vanilla cakes filled with fresh sliced strawberries.

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