Saturday, May 29, 2010

WEDDING: Arcand-Coleman, 5/29/10, Little Gardens

Back to back weekends at Little Gardens in Lawrenceville ... not scheduled to be there again until November .. but you never know. Nicole Arcand and Cynetum Coleman chose Little Gardens for their reception.

I don't know who was more excited about this cake .... me ... Nicole (the bride) ... or Clay (my husband)!!!

Clay, the Cake Wrangler, made this cake for Nicole ... all I had to do was decorate it. Nicole is allergic to dairy and anyone who knows Nicole knows that she loves rice krispy treats. So naturally, because she can't eat regular cake, she needed a cake made out of rice krispies. Apparently, no other baker that she researched would take this project on, but we did, and I'm thrilled that I could give Nicole her favorite rice krispy treat in the shape of a wedding cake.

Yes, this gorgeous 3 tier cake is made out of rice krispies molded in my square cake pans. We went thru 5 boxes of rice krispies and 10 bags of marshmallow. Butter is what is usually used, but due to Nicole's dairy allergy, we used margarine. Even my trademark buttercream icing was "margarinecream".

I think it came out great and hope Nicole was pleased as well.

Music: Complete Music
Photo: Jette Fagela
Floral: Melody Saunders
Caterer: Little Gardens

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" / 8" / 10" - RICE KRISPY TREATS

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