Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mitchell-Arden, Magnolia Hall, 11/7/9

This was my second delivery of the day .... and my PICK OF THE WEEKEND.

Kathryn (Kate) Mitchell and Ben Arden married at Magnolia Hall on Saturday, November 7th. After the ceremony, it was time to transform the ceremony site into a reception site .. so the vendors got busy. Folks from Endive (caterer) worked on placing and setting up the tables, the DJ got busy, and Clay and I started constructing the cake. It was a 4-tier round cake, the top 3 tiers were chocolate cake filled with coffee buttercream (YUMMY). The bottom cake was white with raspberry filling.

Kate had sent me a box of goodies to decorate her cake with ... an "A" monogram; a bunch of bright aqua ribbon, and a good amount of crystals to create a cascade with. The aqua ribbon was placed on the center of each tier ... the "A" monogram sat proudly on top and the cascade of crystals started at the "A" and swept across the cake. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to capture (didn't have my camera with me) this cake, but I do know that Alea Moore captured it for me. I will update as soon as I get a picture of the cake.

Congratulations Kate and Ben !!!

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