Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Like many of you, I can not believe that it's Thanksgiving. My goodness, where has this year gone.

Clay and I are hosting our church family for Thanksgiving .. we've purchased and (I) will be cooking a 30 pound turkey ... all guests attending are bringing everything else to complete our meal. Dinner will be served at 12:00 noon .. join us at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church in Duluth, if you can. After we clean up from dinner, we will be taking a meal to one of our favorite members of the church. Opal is currently in the hospital (cancer) and we promised to bring a good meal (not hospital food) for Thanksgiving. Then it's off to my brother's girlfriends house to have dinner with them. If we eat small amounts, we'll be ok !!! LOL

So, as we prepare for gathering with family and friends (and eating way too much), let us not forget to give thanks .. not just on Thanksgiving, but everyday.

I'm thankful to have a wonderful, supportive, and loving husband ... friends that I can call any time ... family, close by and far away ... and my many customers who believe in me.

Happy Thanksgiving !
Eileen & Clay

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